Thursday, June 25, 2009

A *gasp* News Post?


- As what accounts to "old news", NEW and WFW have merged. I cryptically referred to the merger in a previous post, but now it's official. I think it's a good move. Paul Miller has always had loyal RPers for WFW, and now that he has help with Sean Edmunds (who has completed law school and should have more time), the fed can help with this mini-renaissance that's leagues are undergoing.

- In what is huge news, Pete Speer over at PTC has announced that GTT, PTC's premier tournament, will be coming back from hiatus this year. As a former participant, critic, fan and follower of past tourneys, I have to say that this is exciting news. Will it lure some former PTC fed RPers out of retirement and perhaps back into active competition? Maybe, maybe not, but even if it's just an outlet for currently active handlers to do something, it'll be a success.

- Another bit of PTC news, Pete has also posted the first bit of hype for PWN, which will presumably be his first foray into fedheading since stepping down from PRIME in 2006. This piece is actually portrayed as a news story from the '50s and it implies that PWN in character would have been around for at least 80 years or so. The idea is fantastic, but my fear is that much like Mat Waters' much hyped and promoted One World Wrestling, this fed will peter out after a few shows. Let's keep an eye on this, and hopefully, it will become the next PTC stalwart fed.

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GBJ said...

The problem with Mat Waters' One World Wrestling is that it took it's name from the Champagin, IL pizza joint One World Pizza.

That pizza place wasn't very good, and as evidenced here, they were awful at updating a website.

I mean, it was alright if you were drunk and you walked past it, but you always ended up sharing your pizza with the homeless guys who would come in and hang out there, and it really would almost aid the alcohol in upsetting the stomach.

Also, very unreliable delivery.