Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick Hits

Well, I have a new installment for Project Discovery Channel halfway finished. Let's just say it's the first in the Michael Morenstein series, so expect it to be... different. However, I need to get back on AIM and finish it up, which could prove tricky. The long abscence has been pretty bad on my part. Apologies, but this blog ain't going anywhere. Now, onto the quick hits...

- I heard from a little birdie that NEW is about to awaken from its long slumber and post the long-awaited Banned in the US PPV. Edmunds, having finished law school, will have a little more time to devote to fed-heading, and hopefully, this signifies a full-time comeback for NEW. It fills a niche that's been lacking on FW since its hiatus began

- I also heard from that same birdie that another long-dormant FW league is going to be making a comeback, and that NEW is going to merge with that league. My source told me to keep things hush-hush as for the identity of the other fed, but it's one that shares a lot of heritage with NEW.

- First round results for the East and West brackets in the TEAM Invitational Tournament were posted, and everything proceeded to seed. Shame that there were no upsets, but I have a feeling we'll get one in the next set of first round matches. Just in case you're wondering, I'm not feeling too good about my chances to advance, but that's okay. If I advance, I advance. If I don't, well, it's not the end of the world.

- One more thing, please check out Billy Ferraro's new blog, the FW Money Shot. It may seem a bit tl;dr on the surface, but trust me, it's got some good content. It's always good to have another member of the blogring.

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