Monday, April 20, 2009

Your Blogger Answers, pt. 420

First off, Project Discovery Channel is not dead. I just haven't really had the chance to hop onto IM and get an interview with people in the queue. I will hopefully get two or three up this week, time permitting.

And now, to some more questions, these ones coming from the Chairman of NFW, Jon Katz, who mainly wants to know about my past with TEAM:

-What have been your favorite in-ring moments for TEAM?

There have been a few. The tops would probably be D! coming from virtual FW-obscurity to win the first Tournament of Champions. While the NAPW crowd knew he was up for the task, I think most of us thought that there wasn't a fed outside the FW, PTC or angle fed circles that could produce someone who could write quality. How wrong we were, and it was really satisfying to me to be able to bring a fed from outside the circle in and see them succeed at such a level that they were able to earn respect almost instantly.

Some other moments I'd think of were Joe Average upsetting Ken Cloverleaf in the first TiT, Mike Randalls shaking off the ring rust and winning the most recently completed TiT, Team NEW and Team MBE facing off in the first Dupree Cup finals, and most recently, Fusenshoff taking the CoC and solidifying himself as a main eventer in the FW arena.

-What's the most impressive run or dominant performance you've seen in TEAM?

Ravager's Challenge Championship run. Every time you think he's due to get beaten for that title, he comes back with something that drops your jaw. He really does shine in the situational writing field, and that's pretty cool.

-If you had the time/motivation to write full matches and the RP participation backed up by the handlers, what would be your dream supercard for TEAM SUPERSHOW 20?

Main Event Four Way for the Championship of Champions
Ravager (c) vs. D! vs. Nova vs. Fusenshoff

Basically it's a match between three of the most prominent holders of the CoC against a guy whom I think will win it sooner or later. Good main event to have at the top of the card.

Ego Buster's Farewell
Dan Ryan vs. Lindsay Troy

This match has been talked about for awhile. I'd love to see Ryan get a bit more mileage out of his character in the CSWA and NAPW before he retires, but it should be against the star who really got her main event push jump started in his fed.

Troy Windham vs. Michael Manson

I don't know if this match ever happened, but it should. Two of the major heavyweights in FW history.

Challenge Championship Match with some kind of fucked up stipulations
Felix Red (c) vs. Shawn Hart

I figure the RP for this match would blow everyone's minds, so why not?

Olvir Arsvinnar and Cowboy Jimmy Donovan vs. Beau Michaels and Big Gay Bruce

Token comedy match between two oversexed heteros and two oversexed homos, with three of FW's best RPers and me :)

Lethal Lottery Championships
Kin Hiroshi and Tyler Rayne (c) vs. Marcus Westcott and Garbage Bag Johnny

No real rhyme or reason for either pairing except that I'm a fan of all four guys involved and think this would be a cool match.

FREE FOR ALL~! Championship Match
Participants: Jason Payne, Harley Douglas, Larry Tact, James Varga, Phil Atken, Menace, Big Dog, Tchu, Mr. Amazing!, Jonathan Rhine, Professor Tremendous, The Sergeant, Frankie Scott, James Irish, Rex Caliber, Donovan Astros, Suicide, Boogie Smallz, Bryan Storms, Mike Randalls, HAL, Jonathan Marx, Problem Child, "Sudden Impact" Randall Knox, Jared Wells, High Flyer, Cameron Cruise, Sean Stevens, Dr. Tittylover, Yori Yakamo, Jr., The Illustrious Face-Eater, Stylin' Kyle Roberts, The Wraith, Steven Shane, Ken Cloverleaf, Hans Nowak, Mittens T. Cat, Devin Shakur, Dusk and Rook Black

40 wrestlers for the biggest FFA~! BR yet. I really loved the FFA~! concept more than most, and I'm really bummed that most of the matches really don't get a good turnout.

-What TEAM matches really stand out for you in terms of your voters going against the grain of what you would have booked?

Usually, it's in the ToC more than individual matches. Nothing really stands out to me in TiT or Dupree Cup matches that was a case of both other judges in the match outvoting me unless I was the last to vote and cast a protest vote just to make sure that the guy/team wasn't getting shut-out if I felt they put up a good effort.

And for one final question, The Rage asks:

How badly do you think Ravager is going to pummel me in the first round of the MidWest Bracket?

Usually, when I pick someone to win, they often times are jinxed and lose :p That being said, Ravager is always tough and he's tournament tested, but anyone can be beaten, and from what I've seen of the Rage, while not out-of-the-park impressive, I thought there was potential.

As always, thanks for the questions, and KEEP 'EM COMIN'!!!!

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Lindz said...

I'm sorry, but Kin Hiroshi needs to team with King Blueberry. There is no other option.

I'd want to see Rayne vs. Melton. Oh God, the hilarity...