Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moves I'd Like to See More of, Pt. 1 - Submission Finishers

E-wrestlers are so creative in the ways they come up with finishers, scour the indies for lesser known moves or just add their own flair to existing moves to make them unique. Even with that reputation in tow, there are still a bunch of moves out there that I think could get over in e-fedding. Today, I'll give you three submission holds that would be awesome finishers for any technical-minded grappler:

London Dungeon

58 seconds into this video and you'll find Nigel McGuinness' signature submission hold. It's a great ending move for a guy who likes to work the arm.

Hammerlock Beast Choker
I couldn't find a Youtube of this, but I think this could be a great choke-out move. Basically, the user puts the victim in a hard hammerlock, floats around to the front and puts the victim in a front chancery. The user grabs the hammerlock with the same hand used to put the victim in the chancery, pops back in a DDTing motion and proceeds to induce the tapout.

Horns of Aries

In the same vein as Cattle Mutilation, but a much more effective looking move. Why this hasn't caught on yet, I don't know.


Jeremy Howard said...

I've always been a big fan of submission manuevers being a huge Bret Hart fan and all.

Kevin Healey said...

Ace had a finisher (he's officially retired now after I couldn't even get motivated to rp against NOVA of all people with him.)

There's just something sweet about getting your opponent to tap. It's an added slap in the face I guess. They have to choose to lose rather than make a mistake and lose. It's also so final. There's no way you're talking your way out of tapping after the fact.

Tactilizing One said...

The "Horns of Aries" is similar to what I envisioned Tact's "Sky Lock" being, except Tact would be more parallel to the opponent, ala an STF variation.

This looks nifty, and quite painful. Maybe I'll resurrect the "Sky Lock" as such. Thanks for the tip off. ^_^