Monday, March 09, 2009

The Top Ten Moves of...

I've been getting big into watching wrestling moves on YouTube. You get a lot of crazy head dropping flippy shit that you don't see on the 'E. Of course, it's also a great place to pick up finishers or other signature moves for your wrestler. I've come across a few users that are really good at putting the material out there on the web to look at. Look for TheSuicidalDragon, ProWrestlingProfiles and bexproxsoxbro. Those are the guys I'm subscribed to.

Of all the features they do, one of the best is when they do "The Top Ten Moves of..." It's a great way to showcase a wrestler's non-finisher signature moves as well as let you into their big finishes. Here's an example, the top ten moves of Matt Sydal, as compiled by Suicidal Dragon. You know him better as Evan Bourne in the WWE:

Cool, huh? I wonder how many people are going to lift the Cyclorama now as their finisher :p

But it got me thinking... what if we made these kinds of lists and/or videos for our guys? Lists would be okay, but I'd love to see what we could do with wrestling video games and webcams. That's my challenge to you. Post a video on YouTube of your wrestler's top 10 moves and then send the link to me, and I'll feature it.

If you don't have access to a webcam or don't have a wrestling video game that reflects your wrestler's true moves, then just post your moves list here and maybe someone will be so kind to post the list for you.

Now, without further ado (in list form because I don't have a webcam :[)...

The Top Ten Moves of Jericoholic Anonymous

Stiff-ass, chest-reddening knife-edge chops - Self explanatory
The Balltap - A light, backhanded slap to the opponent's groin
Leonard Nimoy Special - Full-nelson/Vulcan neck pinch hybrid
Guillotine Leg Drop - Duh
Tombstone Piledriver - Duh again
Lucky Seven Suplex - JA is behind the victim, grabbing the victim's left arm with his right hand across the victim's chest and the victim's right arm between the victim's legs with his left hand
Frogsplash - Duh once more
Walls of Jericoholic - Liontamer
Lionsplash - Frogsplash off a ladder
Karelin Driver - The Russian neck drop from No Mercy. For those who've never played, it's a spiraling sharp-angled neck drop out of the deadlift gutwrench position.


katnub said...

*runs for the Xbox 360*

I'll probably be a total asshole and try to be funny, since I suck at movelists and matches, and just have a half-assed Aimz avatar be powerbombing guys fifteen different ways. :P

But seriously, cool idea. I love anything that gets people active about the hobby.

Shinder said...

I also don't have a webcam, but...

The Top Ten Moves of Troy Douglas

Half-Nelson suplex - Pretty self-explanatory. Half-nelson variant on a German suplex.
Rolling elbow - Discus elbow smash to the side of the head.
Pop-up European uppercut - Military press dropped into the uppercuit.
Yakuza kick - Running big boot, often done with the opponent in the corner.
Triangle choke - MMA-style, sometimes combined with elbow strikes to the top of the head.
Spinebuster - Yep.
Lariat - From any and every position.
End of the Road '08 - Twisting double underhook brainbuster.
Scorpion Deathlock - Uh-huh.
End of the Road - Falling double underhook piledriver from the second/top rope.

The Rarely Seen Shooting Star Press - One of these days, he's actually going to hit someone with this.




Thomas Ford said...

Top Ten Moves of High Flyer
Springboard Lou Thesz Press w/punches
Springboard Shooting Star Press to the Outside
Leg Sweep Inverted DDT Combo
*****½ Frogsplash - Frogsplash, but spectacular
Pocket Universe(Ranhei, A urangi position into a front slamming cradle pin)
Traveling Through Time - Rare Top Rope cartwheel elbow.
Hypothermia - Named signature move. Double underhook brainbuster
Cold Snow - Named Sig Move, neck palmed elevated ddt.
Locomotive - Finisher. Charging Yakuza Kick
Flying Moon Shot - Rare Finisher, a Top Rope Moonsault