Monday, March 09, 2009

LVW... the return?

First off, let's welcome Stanton back to the eW blog-ring:

The Lifeless One

He ran the eW dirtsheet before, which was a cool gimmick blog, but one that I could see getting tiring to write after awhile. Check out his first two blog posts, especially the latest one, where he offers insight into the main event to the latest EPW Aggression card, which he wrote. If you've ever wanted to glimpse into the mind of a matchwriter, here's your chance.

That's not the thing the juiciest thing I gathered from reading the blog though. Take a look at the first entry he posted, specifically this passage:

I'm trying to get LVW re-opened on I sent a message to the Godfather about it, hopefully the tab comes up sometimes shortly. I'm unemployed, and my WoW guild leaves me weeping so I got nothing better to do then to start up the land of a thousand gimmicks again. I have ideas for a bunch of characters, so if anyone's interested about LVW, IM me at War on Eurasia on AIM or Stantonmjs on Yahoo.

If he can get the ball rolling on that... wow, that is huge news. If you remember back from the first blog-run I had, LVW was a pet favorite fed of this establishment. While it didn't stick around and only one of the main characters from the fed has found a regular home outside of it (Olvir), it was great for what it was, a breeding ground for gimmicks that ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime.

If and when it does come back, I think it could be a huge shot in the arm for FWC, especially with people slowly trickling back to the hub after months or years of inactivity. What would be a better place to shake off ring rust, especially with a new character concept, than in a new or new-to-you start-up fed?

Plus, I still think people have their freak flags hidden and want to be able to fly them again. LVW can provide a good breeding ground for that, just as it was in the past. We saw guys like Dove, McNic, Siegel and even Gerlach shake off their one-character chains and try something new to varying degrees of success. If LVW can draw someone else who has handled maybe one or two characters for their career to come in and try something new and off-the-wall, then it's a success (provided that the usual suspects come back for it... I know I'm there, and hopefully the guys who are still around like Siegel do as well).

But anyway, I can't recommend trying something out in this fed if and when it comes back. Let loose and try something new. Who knows, you might have a good time.

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