Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Hits: The Blogdome Grows Againe and Shows

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone's weekend was alright and that their favorite basketball teams made the NCAA tournament. I know I only seem to update on Mondays now, but hold tight, I still need to find my groove. For now, some quick hits:

- Unbeknownst to me, but Ross has taken the keys of the Official PTC Blog. Good to see it still around, and right now, the top post is about GTT making a comeback. I'm all about that. GTT is the premiere PTC-style RP tournament, and given the mini-resurgence e-fedding has experiencenced in the last year or so, I think the time is right for the tourney to come back.

- Just when you thought it was safe to discount the eW blog movement, another one has sprung up. Jared Wells Blog is the new edition, done by, of course, Barry Clark. It's an in-character blog, it seems, and he starts out by calling out NFW World Heavyweight Champion Joe the Plumber. Now that's a dream matchup!

- Keep your eyes peeled for A1E to post Sudden Death soon. It features my flagship character's return to an A1E ring as a guest referee in the Cyber Title match, Troy Douglas fighting for his career and for the A1E World Championship against Marcus Westcott, and I hear Nathan Houston's gonna have an announcement concerning a new title, which I'm sure will need people to fight for it (subliminal message... JOIN A1E!). As with all A1E PPVs, this will be a must-read.

- Speaking of tournaments, the TEAM Invitational Tournament is taking entrants for this year's shindig! This year's different because I'm competing in it, not running it. We've got some good names in tow this year so far, so put your name on the list if you want to join us.

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