Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Hits II: PRIME CS mini-review, HOW stuff, tourney shilling and MOAR!

- CultureShock, which is PRIME's answer to the Royal Rumble, was posted over the weekend. It was a two-night affair, but given that the second night was dedicated mostly to the 60-man battle royale known as the Dual Halo, well, it fits. The backdrop for the event was Russia, which I thought was a cool little spin. Maybe this will pave the way for someone to do a Communist Russian character? Maybe, maybe not.

Night One
Night Two

Congratulations go out to Jason Snow and to Garbage Bag Johnny for winning the PRIME Universal Championship and the Dual Halo respectively. All-in-all, I thought it was a solid event, with the matches written with PBP elements being easier to read and all, but that's always the case.

- Just another reminder, signups are open for the 2009 TEAM Invitational Tournament. They close March 31st, so you do have time to get in, but we've got a little more than 25% of the spots filled so far with some primo talent. I know there's a lot of noise about GTT being resurrected, but the TIT will get off the ground before GTT does, and it's a totally different-styled tournament, so if you're crafty, you can have room for both on your palate.

- Speaking of all that noise about GTT... I'm all for it. PTC has been lacking that tournament for awhile. Furthermore (to avoid making this item sound redundant from the last one!), the braintrust has floated out the idea of a round-robin styled tournament this year. Normally, being the e-fed conservative that I am, I might shirk at the reinvention of what had become a standard for the PTC community, but hey, it's been gone for more than 18 months now, and I think that if you can't get 64+ for the event, why not shake it up a bit so it can last a little longer and in turn, feel epic like it did before without having to inflate it with scouting for new talent that might not "get" the PTC style.

- High-Octane Wrestling made some waves last week debuting their HOTv subsite, which is dedicated to their weekly television program. It's drawn rave reviews for coding and I think the content on it is pretty swanky. Good job all around to everyone involved in the fed.

- Finally, this is a call to all you faithful blog readers out there. If you would like to participate in something new for the blog, please let me know. I want to keep the details hush-hush right now, but it involves reader participation and interactive perspectives on eW from the people who choose to participate.


Kevin Healey said...

You know I'm interested Tom, just PM me please.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the Culture Shock Shout-Out, Holz. And let me know what this user participation things is.

Jarret said...

I'm in on this whole paricipation thing too. SHAZBOT~!

Shinder said...

I'm definitely in.

Anonymous said...

You know where to reach me.

- RK Impulse

Thomas Ford said...

I want in. Bookmark style. Remember my blog? Yeaz boy. Maybe I'd do it more interactin' with peeps.

Anonymous said...

I can participate, but I may incite riots. I tend to do that.

-Must Die