Monday, July 16, 2007

More random notes

I was going to have this big long post about the happenings this weekend, but I figured that'd only unneccessarily raise my blood pressure and my urge to kill everyone who has pissed me off in the last 72 hours. It's healthier to let sleeping dogs lie anyway and not dwell on the past. Let's concentrate on the positive, like everyone who did well in the ToC. Congrats to ChrisNova for adding yet ANOTHER trophy to his mantel for this year. Big ups to everyone in the top 10, becuase it was a damn good crop this year. There have been some other pretty good developments too, like...

- WrestleStock, Night One posted! With everything that was on my plate today, I haven't gotten a chance to sink my teeth into it, but I did skim some results. Big ups to Jamar Short for winning the King of the Cage with "Triple X" Sean Stevens. You deserved it, and if I had to job to anyone, I'm glad it was you.

- If you haven't had the chance yet, go over to PTC and check out what Mat Waters has done with promoting his new angle fed, One World Wrestling. This very much reminds me of an idea I had back before I started brainstorming the original concept for TEAM: Nation-based wrestling. He's been busting his ass, hyping this thread with teaser matches and now, roster profiles. What's unique about the fed is that he's not starting it from the ground floor. He's putting in a backstory, giving the fed history. That's ballsy, very ballsy, but I'm very intrigued by the idea. Hopefully, he'll let his roster input some things about the history, make things as organic and spontaneous as you can with this kind of thing. Here are links to each of his hype pieces thus far. If you've got the stomach for narrative, check them out:

DigiMort is the first non-Waters created character featured so far. I'm very intrigued to see both the NPCs that Mat's keeping around like STOICA~! and the handlers who are going to be involved. My advice is to keep an eye on this fed. Hopefully, it can withstand the almost insurmountable entropy that seems to doom angle feds before they start nowadays.

- Another great idea from the PTC fold - PTC Wiki! Big ups to Craig for starting this, and hopefully people pick up on it. FW had one of these rumored too. I know Edmunds has or at least had one for NEW and I think he even proposed one for FW. Edmunds is always thinking a step ahead of the game; it's just too bad a lot of the doers at FW are few and busy with their own projects to be able to help out fully. Either way, Wikis are a great idea to help get outsiders better acclimated to the forums and feds with centralized information. Just another thing that would probably be a lot more fleshed out of we got paid to do this kind of thing :)

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