Saturday, July 07, 2007

Two years of kumquats, making people look like Hitler and just being Blogotron

Hard to believe, but the Blog is two years old today. I never thought I'd take it this far or that it'd become this big, but hey, stranger things have happened. I mean since I've started this thing, angle fedding has become an endangered species, PTC has ceased operations as a full-time interfed and yes, NFW has finished its second season four years ahead of schedule.

Not to sound pompous or self-centered, but I feel like this blog has become bigger than I am. It has become this place where people come to find out about places they're not fully familiar with, a place for people to get news or opinions, and occasionaly for them to bitch at me when I say something they don't agree with :p Regardless, over these two years, with all the characters I've handled, the most important one has become the character of the Blogger, which isn't a character at all. I'm somewhat of a journalist, and really, the only one that eW has right now.

I'd like to let you in on a little secret; I never meant it to be this way. I really don't want to be your only source of eW news because, quite frankly, I don't have the time to be your only source of eW news. I always thought that I'd be the first in a wave of several eW bloggers, a veritable e-fed blogosphere. For awhile there, I thought that was going to be the case. You see the sidebar to the right of where this is. It's full of links to other blogs. The only problem is, some of those links are dead, and others haven't been updated for months, and if they have, it's been sporadic at best. That's a damn shame.

I'm not saying that people need to step up and be exactly what this blog is. I try to take a more worldly approach, a broad scope. If there were two or three more bloggers like me, that'd be fine, but everyone who aspires doesn't need to focus on anything more than a fed or two that they're familiar with. We need a more parochial approach to blogging, people who comment on just some of the old PTC feds, or a guy who covers NAPW and REBEL and so on and so forth.

People complain that the hobby is dying. I still see a ton of handlers lurking around the big sites, and that tells me that there's at least a passing interest. If the hobby is dying, it's only because people don't care anymore. If you start caring, you do things like handle in feds and promote them. Blogging is one of those ways to promote.


Pete said...

People have been complaining for a long, long time now that the hobby is 'dying' because there's not a glut of feds opening, and there's not a glut of message boards and whatnot.

The first time I ventured outside the FW-centric group of feds was when Bloxham got me in contact with Ed Wilson over the CWL, and I found a ton of activity in the Wrestlecell-esque group. Feds opening and closing all the time, everyone always working on something.

What the doomsayers don't remember (or don't want to remember) is that 99% of the feds closed after two or three shows, and the writing/quality of matches sucked major league shit.

I joined a fed whose name I can't remember because the owner wanted Eli Flair, but he wanted Flair the way he wanted him, which meant he wanted to tell me the story I had to use coming into it, and I couldn't use the (seven-eight years at that point) history as a starting point of who the character was. This told me he didn't care about quality, he cared about having names attached to his piece of shit that never opened fed.

I joined a fighting fed with Dez called Kage that closed after two, three shows, and someone in the Asylum talked about how great the place was. Bullshit.

Great was the fWo. Great IS the NFW, EPW, MBE, and TEAM (not a fed in the traditional sense, but still...). Great is feds that don't need hype and flashy graphics and a 'buzz' to thrive - they have everything they need in a dedicated roster and fedhead.

The hobby is dying in the sense that there are far fewer feds being worked on and opening and whatnot, and in my opinion that's the best thing that could happen to the hobby.


Anonymous said...

I think ToC needs to have a BlogoTron installed by ESEN. >=)

And thanks pete. heh heh