Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February's Wrestler of the Month!

This month's recipient is a first-timer, and he's also the first representative from his fed to win the award in fourteen tries. He won the PTC Global Championship in a match featuring two former GTT winners and the current Champion and made it look damn easy. He was victorious in a blood-feud match at his fed's most recent PPV, avenging the man who took him out in GTT6. He's also been bugging me to give him this award for the last two months now :p The difference now? He actually deserves it this time around.

I'm talking about FUSE's own Clinton Sage!

Runner-up: This month's runner-up award goes to Ravager of NAPW. He won the NAPW World Championship at their PPV event Cold Snap, won his first round TEAM Invntational Tournament match, plus his match against Ulysis Solian at SSII and placed second in the inaugural FREE FOR ALL~! Championship match. Let's give him a round of applause too.

Honorable Mentions: Rob Franklin (UCW, MCW, TEAM Events), Sun Tzu (PRIME), Lindsay Troy (EPW, PRIME), Ice Tre (!) (EPW), IrishRed (A1E, UCW, EPW), Beast (A1E, EPW, UCW), Nova (PRIME), Angelo Deville (PRIME, PTC Events), Dusk (PRIME, PTC Events), John Covel (FUSE), The Canadian Loonie (TEAM Events)

Previous 2007 Wrestlers of the Month
January: "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan (A1E, NFW)


Anonymous said...

I believe Nova is in another fed besides PRIME. :(


Tom Holzerman said...

He is, but NFW didn't have a show this month, or else Nova and Lindz for that matter would have gotten an NFW stamp right next to their names :p

Anonymous said...

He wrote 4 RPs in NFW this month! And anyone that's ever won an award for a PTC event should be retroactively stripped of their title under those rules.

Dave said...

Thanks for those show reviews, Tommy!

Ohhhhh wait...

Anonymous said...


TEAM killed any chances of show reviews happening on this blog for a good 9 months.

In other news, there should be a guest spot about someone writing 13 pages about what they've done/or are doing in this hobby shortly.

-MUSTdie, really really MUSTdie ;)

Ryan said...

Thanks Tom. :)

(I see my Wawa Breafast Sammich bribery worked!)

Back to praising Clinton Sage, all of you!

Tom Holzerman said...

This award is and always has been results based. Whenever the fruits of the RP happen is when I consider the event to happen.

And as for the jabs at the A1E thing... you see it as a shill, I saw it as Jarret defending his fed against perceived criticisms, that's all. Was it a bit shill-y in nature? Of course it was, but his arguments were based in criticisms in A1E that I've also heard (and had at times).

Anonymous said...

Dude, that wasn't a jab at Jarret...if it were, I would've said "A1E GUEST SPOT."


Anyway, that was a jab at the last 5 or 6 guest spots!