Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thoughts and shillings

For those of you who don't know, the first wave of TEAM Invitational Tournament highlights have been posted for the first round, the second wave is awaiting judgment and the first wave of the second round is in RP. I really don't want to say too much about the judging except that I thought that the quality of RP was a little better in the first wave, but there were a lot more close matches in the second wave. Overall though, I'm pleased with how things turned out, except for the four matches that had double no-shows. At this point in the game, if you're getting close to the deadline and you see your opponent has also not showed yet, why not just throw something really short up, something to show that you at least give a damn enough about the tournament you're in?

Enough about that though. Since the New Year's began, there have been a couple of new eW hubs popping up. The first:


RingHype's actually been around since November, and it's headed up by Jay Phoenix's handler. It's been kept somewhat under wraps up until the unveiling of their first tournament, FaceOff. It's basically a PTC influenced crowd thus far, so you're probably going to see a lot of story-based narrative RP stuff discussed there.

For this affair, you sign up for an anonymous account on the boards with a wholly brand new character. I like this idea because I'm always for people trying new ideas and new things. If you want to join but you don't have a character idea, or if you have a boss idea for a new character but not the time to run him/her, then there's also a Create a Character contest, where people submit their new ideas, and the best is submitted to an entrant in the tournament without an idea for their use. This isn't the first FaceOff tournament (Jeff Ward of Angelo Deville fame won the first one), but it's the first tournament affiliated with this site. It's a great idea, and I wholly endorse it.


Wrestling 3:16

This site is pretty much the brainchild of Al, handler of Aidan Campbell in old school NFW. It's for the EWN and cIm crowds but so far, the riff-raff has been kept out. I find this is a refreshing alternative to those sites, which have been ravaged by trolling and bickering, mainly started by one or two posters over there. It's a promising community, and they also feature fan forums for feds like NFW, LoC and SbW. It's a good place to check out if you're in the angle fed community and you're sick and tired of the other two hubs.


Fuck This Blog!

Yep, another addition to the blogring, this one from Rob Franklin. He's a veritable rookie to these parts, and he's getting in on the action. Check it out, encourage him, because Lord knows we need more active bloggers than what we've got now, right? :p

Finally, I haven't forgotten about the shows. THE SHOWS, MAN! When I get a chance to sit down, I will crank out that WrestleVerse flagship review, plus throw up some blurbs about Cold Snap and Revolution.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Aidan, Dan and Joe should rip out your eyes and fuck your skull for associating them with cIm and edubn. :)


Lindsay said...

Joe had it right in IM today: he's the brain and Brock's the child.

Anonymous said...

Well, W316 being an escape from CiM and EWN kinda went byebye

Lindsay said...

Well, W316 being an escape from CiM and EWN kinda went byebye

Yes. 'Tis unfortunate.