Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ultimate MBE: Wednesday Night Warriors Bracket

Yes, I'm on blog overload tonight. Anyway, before we move on, here are the results for the High Stakes bracket:

Spoiler d. Cthulhu
LB d. Tillrules
James Irish d. Star Rider
FATSEXY d. Mr. Hyde
Housefly d. The Behemoths
Promo d. LuvGun
Andy Gilkison d. The Artist
Freakshow d. Dan Ryan

Alrighty, now, the Wednesday Night Warriors Bracket. NOTE: When voting, please include your name somehow (an identifier... anything) AND a brief description of why you voted the way you did. If you don't provide both, your vote will be deleted and discounted! Thanks for paying attention.


Wednesday Night Warriors Bracket

(1) Maggot vs. (16) Cannibal

Maggot's Credentials: MBE World Champion, 2x North American Champion, Unified Champion, Extreme Champion

Cannibal's Credentials: Extreme Champion

(8) Aussie B vs. (9) Akira Otsuka

Ausland's Credentials: 2x Tag Team Champion, 2x Extreme Champion, NA Title Tourney runner-up at High Stakes 2001

Otsuka's Credentials: Tag Team Champion, member of the All-Asian Alliance

(4) Webweaver vs. (13) Torment

Web's Credentials: 2x North American Champion, defied laws of physics with Web of Deceit locked on Andy Gilkison at the same time as a Gilkimission

Torment's Credentials: Tag Team Champion

(5) Jack Gilkison vs. (12) Yori Yakamo, Jr.

Jack's Credentials: 2001 Lord of the Boards, Unified Champion, North American Champion, last Extreme Champion

YYJ's Credentials: current MBE owner, Tag Team and Unified Champion

(2) Professor Tremendous vs. (15) Allworld

Prof's Credentials: 2x World Champion, 3x North American Champion, 2x Tag Team Champion, Unified and Extreme Champion, first Sole Survivor, leader of Team Tremendous (which means at some point, he's bossed around Allworld!)

Allworld's Credentials: Tag Team and Unified Champion

(7) Rat vs. (10) Meatbag

Rat's Credentials: Extreme Champion

Meatbag's Credentials: Founding MwM member, first Unified Champion, TV and Tag Team Champion

(3) Mango vs. (14) Jogi Fresh

Mango's Credentials: Founding MwM member, first Extreme Champion, North American and Tag Team Champion

Jogi's Credentials: Unified Champion, currently top contender for MBE Championship

(6) El Tremendo vs. (11) Kanna Kirishima

ElT's Credentials: Last North American Champion, Tag Team Champion, 2x Extreme Champion

Kanna's Credentials: Only holder of Survivor Championship in its MBE tenure, 2x Tag Team Champion


el b said...

Maggot - Can't remember anything about Cannibal at all

Aussie B vs Akira Otsuka - No vote as haven't read anything by Akira.

Torment - Torment had some good stuff. Webweaver - if any existed, can't remember it.

Jack Gilkison - Jack takes this on his early stuff, which, while it wasn't as good as people thought, was still decent and is enough to win here.

Professor Tremendous - Can you say squash?

Meatbag - another squash.

Mango vs. Jogi Fresh - haven't read Mango, so no vote.

El Tremendo vs. Kanna Kirishima - probably hardest match in this bracket *flips coin*. El Tremendo

AndrewGilkison said...

Maggot vs. Cannibal

Cannibal never went very far in MBE, obviously. Maggot just blows past him on every level. After a massive brawl where both guys lose a ton of blood, Maggs wins it at the fifthteen minute mark.

Aussie B vs. Akria Otsuka

I think I remember Otsuka. He was Yamada's tag partner I think. I feuded with them when they put out Mr. Amazing with a shoulder injury, which lead to Spoiler being my mystery partner for a bit. Fun times. Anyway, I think Aussie had more staying power as he went from being a newbie that everyone shat on to improving quite a bit. Otsuka kind of disappeared. So I am going with Aussie.

Webweaver vs. Torment

Torment's greatest successes came in A1E, I think. I think Webweaver was a tad underrated as a heel. He sucked shit as a babyface, but being unlikeable just seemed like it came natural to him... :) Anyway, no offense to T, but Web advances here.

Jack Gilkison vs. Yori Yakamo Jr

No vote, cause my character is in this and stuff.

Professor Tremendous vs. Allworld

Professor Tremendous was easily one of the greatest heels in MBE history. Allworld is good, but there is a reason he follows while the Good Professor leads him. That reason is one of many for why ProfT gets my vote.

Rat vs. Meatbag

I remember that Rat was VERY hot as a character upon arrival, but fizzled out and disappeared shortly thereafter. Meatbag had more staying power, and played a bigger role in MBE then him. That's why I am going with the Meatbag.

Mango vs. Jogi Fresh

Jogi is great, don't get me wrong. But Mango was just a really great fucking character, and his handler proformed him brilliantly. Another founding member of the MwM advances here.

El Tremendo vs. Kanna Kirishima

This is also pretty hard for me to decide. So hard that I will just vote DRAW.

Jeffrey Paternostro said...

1) Maggot vs. (16) Cannibal

Maggot. Does this really need an explanation Holzer? I lived Cannibal, though

(8) Aussie B vs. (9) Akira Otsuka

Man Aussie won a few more titles than I remember. Otsuka was a great character, but Tim didn't really do enough with him to get the nod, so Aussie it is. I feel dirty now.

(4) Webweaver vs. (13) Torment

I started the whole Webby = underrated bandwagon, and I'm not gonna abandon it now.

(5) Jack Gilkison vs. (12) Yori Yakamo, Jr.

No vote, obviously. You also forgot to list SEXIEST WRESTLER ALIVE in Yori's credentials.

(2) Professor Tremendous vs. (15) Allworld

Dan West's best character moves on. (though Steve Watson, CPA, is fast moving up my list)

(7) Rat vs. (10) Meatbag

Hmmm, Rat was a better character, and I don't think it is all that close. Meaty was the third best character in the MwM, but has more accolades and angles in his favor. Eh, Rat, I guess.

(3) Mango vs. (14) Jogi Fresh

Jogi wil rocket up the 2008 version of this list, but Mango takes it.

(6) El Tremendo vs. (11) Kanna Kirishima

Kanna was a good character, but seriously, El T~!

Anonymous said...

Maggot Vs Cannibal
Maggot wins this. Part of my dream MwM. Mags is one of my all time faves.

Aussie vs Akira
I vote Aussie. I really dug the charecter. Would love to see a comeback.

Webby vs Torment.
Webby is Another charecter that I would love to see come back. I thought he got hosed in the MBE Cup.

Jack vs Yori
Yori is so out there....he is borderline for me on what I enjoy. He's just too much over the top antics (That's just my taste though). I'm going Jack here

Prof T vs AllWorld
Prof T wins this one before the bell is finished ringing. AW lays down for the Prof.

Rat vs Meatbag. I'm going with my boy Meaty. If not for he and Adrian there never would have been a MwM.

Mango vs Jogi. I love what is going on with Jogi in MBE 06 but Mango should go far in this.

ElT vs Kanna. I'm giving my love to Kanna here. A well written charecter and well played by Jimmy.

Shane Irishred

Mr Dan West said...

(1) Maggot vs. (16) Cannibal

Interesting draw here as they both came into MBE at roughly the same time (Maggot preceded by a few months IIRC) both with an Extreme/Hardcore style gimmicks and both had fairly desent success early one. From there one took off and the other just sort of faded away do to time/IRL issues. I'd have loved to have seen how far Mat could have taken Cannibal had he had the chance, but right now he cannot compete with Mags. MAggot win.

(8) Aussie B vs. (9) Akira Otsuka

Aussie was really starting to come into his own towards the end of his MBE run. But Tim was one of my favorite handlers ever; and, honestly Otsuka was his better character. Akira Otsuka wins.

(4) Webweaver vs. (13) Torment

Webweaver is one of thos classic MBE hardwork stories (like Andy and Aussie, and possibly James) who didn't catch on right away; but, due to persistance and striving to improve, finally found the success he deserved. Torment cut bait in MBE early (during the whole Cthulhu/S&M debacle) and did reach his full potential until he got to A1E. Webweaver Wins.

(5) Jack Gilkison vs. (12) Yori Yakamo, Jr.

This is easily the toughest vote for me this round. (And interesting both were introduced as storyline siblings to established MBE stars.) I really like Yori a lot; but in the end, he was never really much more in MBE that Hida's wacky brother. Jack on the otherhand was, at least for a while, probably the more over to the Gilkison Bros and legitimately made it briefly up to Main Event status.

(2) Professor Tremendous vs. (15) Allworld

NO VOTE (necessary. i hope)

(7) Rat vs. (10) Meatbag

Meatbag could have been one of those big MBE success stories but he had to drop right when it looked like he was about to hit stride. His later "comeback" with the PTPers actually weakened his case rather than strengthening it. Rat was one of the most intriguing and truthfully written characters to come to MBE. I wish he hadn't made one crucial mistep with the character by giving him Spyder as a brother and taking them to A1E (where both characters languished). Rat Wins

(3) Mango vs. (14) Jogi Fresh

I love hat Jogi is doing in MBE v. 2.1 right now; but - as I said before - Tim was one of my absolutely favorite handlers and Mango w/ his tattered tux and Grimmace-phobia must advance. Mango Wins.

(6) El Tremendo vs. (11) Kanna Kirishima

I really enjoyed James' work with Kanna; but El T is perhaps the one character in all of efedding history that would get me laughing with every single promo without fail. El Tremendo wins.

Mr Dan West said...

I forgot to follow my formatting for (5) Jack Gilkison vs. (12) Yori Yakamo, Jr.

Jack wins.

Demps said...

Maggot vs. Cannibal
I don't even remember Cannibal. Maggot wins.

Aussie B vs. Otsuka
Ooof. Aussie advances because Otsuka was basically a one note flash in the pan and Aussie stuck around and found some success.

Web vs. Torment
It's not so much that Web is underrated as Torment is overrated IMO. He wasn't really around for much in MBE and a lot of his run is marred with the Social Misfits stuff, I think. Either way, Web wins.

Jack G. vs. Yori
This is a tough one. I think I gotta go with Jack here because until recently Yori always seemed like a back burner guy that was used for laughs mostly whereas Jack was Andy's strongest character for a while there.

Prof T vs. Allworld
Prof T may be MBE's greatest character ever.

Rat vs. Meatbag
I'll go with Meatbag in the upset as Rat was very one dimensional and unreliable.

Mango vs. Jogi Fresh
With Jogi's run in the re-start I'm going to give him the upset nod here. I dug Mango, but I like where Fresh is headed.

El T vs. Kanna
No vote, but I'll admit to being a little surprised as to the vote so far. I think El T is hurt by being in the same bracket as The Prof and while the whole point of the character was to be a bad rip off of Prof T I think his stuff stands on it's own as well.

Jenkins said...

(1) Maggot def. (16) Cannibal in a squash. Just his title credentials alone obliterate most of this field.

(8) Aussie B def. (9) Akira Otsuka. I never read anything of the Akira character, but I liked Aussie B as half of The Filthy Spics.

(4) Webweaver def. (13) Torment. Torment's better run was with A1E, and while what I did read of Webweaver wasn't great stuff (I only saw him in the MBE Cup), I chalk it up to rust.

(5) Jack Gilkison def. (12) Yori Yakamo, Jr. Jack was a solid character in MBE for a long time and I never saw anything of Yori in the original MBE.

(2) Professor Tremendous def. (15) Allworld. Need anything really be said?

(7) Rat def. (10) Meatbag. I enjoyed the Rat character in the few encounters that I had with him, and I've never seen anything of Meatbag. Therefore, Rat gets the win.

(14) Jogi Fresh def. (3) Mango in my upset of this bracket. Jogi is rollin' with The Entourage in the new MBE and even though I think he's dropped a little lately, he's still good enough to take the win from Mango, who I haven't read anything of.

(11) Kanna Kirishima def. (6) El Tremendo. The closest battle here in the bracket for me. I like both characters. Flip the coin, and it comes up Kanna.