Friday, November 24, 2006

Some random notes

Alright, things have been hectic for me this week. That NAPW review took me about a week to do between RPing and work and turkey-related dealings of yesterday. Anyway, a random notes entry! Always fun...

- First up, big, big, HUGE congratulations are in order for James Irish, who captured the A1E World Championship at Cyber Brutality. It's two years late, IMO, but better late than never. If there's anyone in this hobby who deserves to be World Champion, it's James. As for the rest of the card, it was pretty good fare. It's good to see Steven Shane back in A1E; he's always been a solid character, and A1E is his home fed (one that he can actually compete in without having to deal with calls of self-booking :p). The "Slambo" swerve that got him back was pretty neat, even if it's still kinda overshadowed by the Beast/Anti-Cross unmasking that happened at GD. Speaking of Beast.... wow, what a match with him and Cross. Congrats to Cross too, as well as Hida Yakamo, for their title wins.

Three title switches and a draw in the tag title match... funny how A1E got somewhat strong contenders to their Tag Team Titles by accident with the draw. Hopefully, Blackburn and Drunken Tiger will be able to give Dog and Ryan the challenge they've been sorely lacking since they've gotten the straps.

- Lots of stuff surrounding MCW too. Josh Ray is turning the former Bolich-run up-and-comers fed into sort of a loose interfed construct, and he's running a tag team tournament. I'll be participating as a handler, which is a welcome change from the almost non-stop judging.

MCW Finale was also posted, and hopefully, that will be the next flagship review I do.

- My take on "story-driven" feds... they're the same as angle feds, unless they have nothing to do with wrestling at all. Then they're not e-feds at all and really shouldn't call themselves "feds." They should call themselves something different. But now I'm just being nitpicky.

I don't know. Maybe I'm getting crotchety, but if you're going to call yourself a "fed," you should be wrestling-centric. I'm glad those who don't like writing about wrestling anymore have found an outlet for their creativity, and Lord knows they should be allowed to talk about and promote these projects in our eW circles, but don't expect me to cover those projects here.

- Heads up for SbW. In their latest edition of Bad Juju (best name for a TV show ever, btw), check out the character DC Stark. He's handled by Obinna, who runs KingPRO and used to handle Anton Assault in AWC. Very entertaining character, one who could make an impact in the coming months.

- No I haven't forgotten about GTT6. It's now official that everyone off my shortlist has been eliminated. I'm terribly sorry for jinxing all of you. Please find it in your hearts to forgive me. We're down to our quarterfinalists, of which I'm one. I met my goal. Yay me! But enough about me. We have our first semifinalist, Sammy Brown, who is an amazing story. The handler, John Cantel (a ToC alum!), won a competition with the character pre-tourney, and elected to use him rather than one of his established characters (my favorite of which is the incomparable Tony "The Grin" Gamble). He proceeds to tear through the tournament, beating High Flyer and Easton Hall (another Obinna creation). He got to the semis because Tywon had to bow out with Olsig, but it's still no slight on Sammy Brown's run thus far. It'll be interesting to see how things turn out

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