Thursday, November 02, 2006

October's Wrestler of the Month

Alright, for this past month of October, the E-Fed Blog would like to honor Jason Snow as the Wrestler of the Month. Snow's return to e-fedding has been an impactful one, going toe to toe on the stick with two of the best in the business, "The Renegade" Rich Rollins and Angelo Deville. Then, in a shocking twist at PRIME's Great American Nightmare, he shocked the world and sided with the Satanically good duo, assaulting his own partner Xavier Kannon and forming perhaps the most formidable trio of wrestlers in the entire hobby as we know it right now. As an added bonus on top of that, Snow won his first round GTT6 match against Sentinel, a match that many have pegged as the best of the first round. Let's give a big round of applause for Snow, "informing" >=) his way to the top of th heap in October.

Honorable Mentions: Jason Payne (TEAM events, PTC events), The Spoiler (A1E, TEAM Events), James Irish (A1E, TEAM Events), IrishRed (MBE, A1E, UCW), The First (UCW), Garbage Bag Johnny (AWC, PTC Events), Tchu (PRIME, PTC Events), Nova (PRIME, TEAM Events, PTC Events), Seymour Almasy (AWC, GCW, PRIME, PTC Events)

Previous Wrestlers of the Month for 2006
January: The Illustrious Face-Eater/Adam Dick (AWC, PRIME)
February: Seymour Almasy (ACW, PTC Events)
March: Yori Yakamo, Jr. (NFW)
April: "Triple X" Sean Stevens (EPW)
May: The Illustrious Face-Eater/Adam Dick (AWC, PRIME)
June: D! (NAPW, TEAM Events)
July: Joey Melton (PRIME, NFW, UCW, EPW)
August: Tchu (PRIME)
September: Garbage Bag Johnny (AWC)

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Joshua C. Ray said...

Congratulations goes out to the handler of Jason Snow!