Sunday, October 01, 2006

September's Wrestler of the Month

This month's award goes to Garbage Bag Johnny. At the beginning of the month, he culminated four months of utter dominance in AWC by capturing both the Transatlantic Championship and Crown, unifying them at last. The next week, he clinched an automatic spot in GTT6, defeating the other two singles title holders in AWC, the formidable Darcy Crisis and Gabriel Afeaki. He's also provided some of the most entertaining segments on AWC television all month and is certainly deserving of this honor.

Honorable Mention: The Spoiler (A1E, TEAM), Richard Farnswirth (A1E, EPW), IrishRed (A1E, EPW, UCW, TEAM), The First (UCW), Tchu (PRIME), Seymour Almasy (GCW, PTC Events), Nova (PRIME, TEAM), Jason Payne (NEW, TEAM), Derecho (LoC, TEAM), Darcy Crisis (AWC), Gabriel Afeaki (AWC), Kyle Roberts and Bruce Richards (NAPW, TEAM)

Previous Wrestlers of the Month
August: Tchu (PRIME)
July: Joey Melton (PRIME, NFW, EPW, UCW)
June: D! (NAPW, TEAM Events)
May: The Illustrious Face Eater/Adam Dick (AWC, PRIME)
April: "Triple X" Sean Stevens (EPW)
March: Yori Yakamo, Jr. (NFW)
February: Seymour Almasy (ACW, PTC Events)
January: The Illustrious Face Eater/Adam Dick (AWC, PRIME)


Anonymous said...

I have made it my life goal to be wrestler of the month some day. (god that seems so sad when typed out loud)


Jason Payne said...

I made the honorable mention list. Wow. I'm over with the FW smark community. My life is now complete.


Joshua C. Ray said...

Another month... another wrestler of the month opportunity down the drain. I thought for sure that if I got the tag match between Sarge/Drunken Tiger and Steve Lombardi/Mystery Partner before the deadline one of them would be a shoe-in!


joeater said...

losers! i've done this shit...


oh, and some half-quarter nonsense too!

Hyde said...


Garbage Bag Johnny said...

Rock on! Thanks, Tom. Your blog has been too nice to me.