Monday, October 02, 2006

The Best Cards

Reader Shane Gerlach from The Bumfuck Hills of one of those states that shares one Internet router with Montana, North Dakota and all of Western Canada asks "I'd like to see a post on the top cards you have ever 1. read 2. been a part of 3. imagined (your dream card)."

Alrighty then, here you go!


This one defintely has to go to the first ever A1E Vengeance. I've cited this as the point in A1E where our own drive to make the matches epic sort of ruined cardwriting in A1E for awhile, but it was still a damn fine card in terms of matches. The aura around the event was just amazing. Beast/Torment and Fly/187 still remain some of the best matches in A1E history. This is where we came of age.


It would have been Vengeance if the card wasn't so sluggishly RPed for. Therefore, my choice is MBE High Stakes 2001. I was a part of it in two matches, an interpromotional tag team match (JA and Fly vs. Hida and Yamada) and the Four Way Ladder Match for the North American Championships (Maggot/WhiteNoise/AussieB/Tillrules). Both matches were a blast to RP for. You also had a super-hot Spoiler/FF title match, and on this card, the hugest swerve in A1E/MBE history, and perhaps the biggest one in e-fedding until the Dis angle in EPW, and that is Amazing, Inc.

Dream Card

Oooh :)

Main Event: The Clash of the Titans
The Spoiler vs. "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan vs. Kodiak Vic Creed vs. Ivan Stanislav

The War to Settle the Score
Jericoholic Anonymous vs. Beast

Maggot vs. Angelo Deville

"The Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy vs. Karina Wolfenden

Stable Wars: The MidWest Mafia vs. LOVE
IrishRed, Mango, Meatbag and BobbyR as "The Red Don" vs. Anarky, Psycho, Felix Red and Jared Wells

Seymour Almasy vs. Hida Yakamo

The Cameron Cruise Project (Joey Melton and Cameron Cruise) vs. The Über Judge and Dr. Curiosity

Hornet vs. Freakfish

Empire vs. Empire
Housefly, Gladiator and Chameleon vs. Pierce Lavelle, Gabriel Afeaki and Juggernaut Kintu

SuperMegaBattleRoyale For the Golden COWBELL OF DOOM~!

Professor Tremendous vs. Lowell Dot Com vs. Olvir Arsvinnar vs. Yori Yakamo, Jr. vs. Mike Wade vs. Mr. Hyde vs. Jake Hix vs. Adam Benjamin vs. D! vs. Kyle Roberts vs. Bruce Richards vs. Shawn Hart vs. Max Danger vs. Tchu vs. Nova vs. The Illustrious Face-Eater vs. Troy Windham vs. Chip Friendly vs. PILE vs. Johnny Morgan vs. Promo vs. High Flyer vs. Tony Gamble vs. The First vs. Michael Manson vs. MWG vs. HAL vs. Slambo the Clown vs. Mr. Amazing vs. Shane Southern vs. James Irish vs. Big Dog vs. Euclid vs. Killean Sirrajin vs. Prisoner 187 vs. Eddie Mayfield vs. Craig Miles vs. Mike Randalls vs. MANPOWER~! vs. Guy Boudreaux


James Irish said...

Please tell me being left out isn't revenge for not using your A1E idea, ESPECIALLY after promoting cowbell in TEAM harder than any other wrestler!

Tom Holzerman said...

Oh no, it certainly wasn't because of that. I was just scatterbrained. But lo and behold! I have added ten more men to the Battle Royale, and now, it's 40!

Trent said...

You forgot Trashcan Man vs. Garbage Bag Johnny in a Dumpster Match! :)

Anonymous said...

Classic CSWA booking on the dream card. Tom's guys are hogging the upper card spotlight! ;)

--Must Die