Thursday, August 10, 2006

A few of my favorite wrestlers - PRIME

You thought I was finished with this series, didn't you? Haha, well, I thought since I started following a few more feds, I could bring it back for said more feds. We'll start with PRIME if only because I'm reading ReV 103 right now (good read so far, btw... same with the latest NAPW's latest TNF and AWC's Fresh!special card).

Ivan Stanislav - Seriously, the random "DYAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH"s in the middle of matches are classic, quite possibly my favorite thing in e-fedding right now. Hutch's Russian Bear is legendary amongst PTC faithful, and it's easy to see why.

Tony Gamble - This is how an old school heel should act. Attacking from the shadows, acting more pompous than a peacock trying to attract a mate, stealing title belts, chickenshitting it from the faces... good to see someone not doing the UBERBADASSHEEL that everyone else tries to do.

The Illustrious Face-Eater - I can't really separate these two right now because I think their angle and feud make them intertwined so closely. Seriously, I think this could be the feud of the year before everything's said and done. Glued hands, pot hijinx... I can even look past the fact that they don't know not to call cheesesteaks "Philly cheesesteaks." :p

Adam - Something about a Scotsman who's so ready to get into drag amuses me very much.

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