Friday, August 11, 2006

Post #200: Who's your favorite character of mine?

I know this is a bit self-indulgent, but you have to admit, I spend a lot of time putting you mooks over. It's me time ;)

Anyway, for those of you who know me, you know I've done a ton of characters over the years. I'm up there in numbers with Roger Albrecht, Bill Dempsey, Steve Thomas, Gregg Gethard and of course, the benchmark for having multiple characters, Dan West. I'd like to think that I've run a nice gamut of characters, diverse and such. Hopefully you guys feel the same way too. But anyway, here's a list... which character that I've handled is your favorite? I'm not including the Thrillbillies because I haven't really actively handled them yet.

Jericoholic Anonymous - My benchmark character, the first one I did and still the one I consider my primary. The funny thing is, I never thought I would have taken him to where I took him. He was intended to be a front for a more "serious" character, but I just had too much fun with him. Basically, he's your wiseass, pop-culture referencing fan favorite. I take more pride in promoing/RPing as him than any other character.

Maggot - If JA is 1, then Maggs is 1A. He's sort of the yang to JA's yin. The concept for the character was created by my cousin Steve, but I fleshed him out a lot, both in my pen and paper EWA fed and in his MBE run. He's an alcoholic loner, vulgar, coarse, and he's pretty damn hardcore.

Roderick McRatrick - If JA is 1 and Maggs is 1A, Roddy is 1AA. I came up with Roddy because I still wanted to do A1E but I was so burnt out/disillusioned with JA and doing e-wrestling the "traditional" way. So I did things without a care on whether I won matches... just as long as I made fun of people and had fun doing it :). Basically, Roddy is my most ridiculous character, anything outrageous was in season for him.

Captain Suleimon - My first secondary character, I ran him in A1E for a little bit. I got very disillusioned after jobbing with him, so he went on the shelf for a bit. Then UXW came along and I put him in in a very different persona, which I thought was the precursor to Roderick McRatrick in some ways. In his classic A1E and current AWC form, he's the closest I'll ever come to someone who hates America. I used to play him as a typical fanatical Muslim who also had amazing historical and political contexts, but in AWC, I've eliminated the Muslim stuff and focused more on the Ottoman obsession and the socio-political elements.

The Phantom Republican - Would you believe this came out of a session where I was brainstorming a Republican ninja character? Weird. Anyway, most people in the angle fed community will know me for this character. I really wish I could have done more with him in ACW, but there's still NEW. Of all my characters, he's perhaps my second or third favorite to handle because I can just pretend to spout off and not have to worry about serious debate. All the talking points and rhetoric... basically he's a not so subtle parody of right wing talking heads :)

"Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan - I wanted to join LVW, but I needed a character. I came up with a good ol' Oklahoman boy... who just happened to like hookers. I thought Jimmy was a bit one dimensional in LVW, but he worked. Now with him in MBE and UCW I hope to add a few more dimensions to him, especially in MBE with his interactions with the Thrillbillies.

Benoitholic Anonymous - Basically I tried to combine Crash Holly in the Superheavyweights phase with an ADHD addled sugar addicted child. He was actually my first venture into FWC. You either love him or hate him ;)

Sephiroth - This was in my Final Fantasy loving phase... I kinda hope he came off as more than just a cheap vid-game ripoff, but I can see if he didn't. I got pretty frustrated with him pretty quick, but he was neat while it lasted.

Joey Baggadonuts - Basically a riff on Italian stereotypes, just a guy I ran to blow off some steam. He actually got a Triple Star Championship shot at one point, which surprised me. But yeah, he had a short shelf life to begin with.

One - The neat freak of The Collective... I wonder if I was the only person who handled a Collective member other than Jon who wasn't just hiding a personality within it. Mat had handled Mindkiller under the Six mask and James was Negat1ve 0ne. I thought I could have done more with him too.

El Pantera - Another guy I wish I could have done more with, I thought that I got off on the wrong foot with him with his initial program against Lucifer. I thought I had a money angle when I tried to bring him back last year, but I just never followed through. Maybe he has some legs later on, but not now.

Priest - I actually had big plans for Priest, but maybe it's better I didn't go through with them. He's sort of my Rock knockoff, but right now, I think he's found his niche in EPW.

Eisenkreuz - He's more or less Priest's EPW foil. I like writing as him, especially when he's undermining Priest ;)

Angleholic Anonymous/Mssr. Fantastic III - He was a goofy character. He's in Dan West's hands now.


Anonymous said...

I've gotta go with "Cowboy" Jimmy Donovan. He was pretty much my first interaction with you. My "Broadway" Johnny Doll was his first title defense. I loved all the hooker work. LOL Can't wait to see what he offers in UCW.


Dan West said...

I <3 Maggot. But then again, you know that.

James Irish said...

Definately Roderick McRatrick. Probably one of the funniest characters in e-fedding today.

Jason Payne said...

It's a toss up between Maggot and Phantom Republican. I think I have to lean towards PR more though, just because when he gts to ranting, I can't help but laugh.

eating faces said...

Maggot and the Captain. your RPs are spot on with the latter, but I think your seg work with Maggot is just fucking awesome.

Beast said...

I love classic JA (Dudleyville~!), and Roderick McRatrick. It's kind of a toss-up between the two.