Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Rundown: EPW

I'm always talking about feds and reviewing their shows here, but really, how many people really get the feel of the fed unless they click the link and read the show? Even then, if they don't keep checking back, or they only check in for their favorite characters (both of which are okay... you follow what interests you or what's put in front of you). But do you really get a feel for the fed? What are the storylines involved? Who are the main players? Who should you watch out for?

Well, I figure I'll start giving rundowns of various feds from time to time. Give you what I feel are the main feuds and characters. Listing Champions. Of course, for the future, I'll be enlisting fedheads and other fed members to help me, but for now, I'll stick with what I know ;)

For starters, let's go with one of my favorite feds on the 'Net, Empire Pro Wrestling.

The Champions

World: Lindsay Troy
Intercontinental: Karl Brown
Television: Mike Evers (who doesn't have a profile! Grr)
Tag Team: The Highland Park Social Club (Chip Friendly, Richard Farnswirth, and Slambo the Clown, defending under triad rules)

The latest event

The skinny on current happenings

EPW's pretty much started a new arc with the close of this PPV. A lot of things are up in the air concerning big feuds, but one thing's for sure. With the end of Unleashed going the way it did, there are a few people who aren't going to be happy. Namely, Joey Melton and Lindsay Troy. With his lackey August de la Rossi presiding over the ceremony, Troy Windham kidnapped and married Lindsay Troy, the latest in his series of acts of harrassment against the EPW Champion. He-Troy was also Dis III, a knockoff of Lindz' landmark alias, and he burned the first female World Champion with a fireball.

Other than that, not much is going down in terms of new feuds.

EPW got officially got a new face though, as James Irish finally signed a contract to become an EPW competitor. Over the past few weeks, James has been invading EPW TV, making it his mission to try and get noticed. He's been taking over audio and visual, and now, he's finally on the roster. For those who don't know who James is, he's a former MBE superstar and current A1E main eventer.

At Unleashed, several feuds were culminated, including one between Jericoholic Anonymous and Shawn Hart. This feud started from the ashes of a number one contender's match at Russian Roulette, where Cross beat both Hart and JA. Hart came back out to attack Cross, but JA fended him off. Since then, they were running afoul of each other, with Hart enlisting Ron Artest and Ricky Williams to help kidnap Lollipop. JA countered with Bill Laimbeer. The feud died down a little after Hart disappeared and JA hired a guy who looked like Saruman and a whole crew of professional catapultists to fire shit at Hart's house. After several months, Hart reappeared, attacking JA after his match with Windham. They settled their differences in a steel cage submissions match, where JA came out on top.

Who to watch for

Karl Brown - He's the current Intercontinental Champion and one of the rising stars of the entire circuit. Don't let his showing in the big title match fool you; he's going to get another shot at the EPW title, and when he does, there's a damn good shot he'll make good of it.

"Triple X" Sean Stevens - In his first match back, he won a battle royale to gain #1 contendership to the EPW World Championship. His impressive showing at Unleashed proves that he's got the goods to earn a singles shot at the title. A long time CSWA and fWo vet, you can never discount the Blue Eyed Badass.

IrishRed - A novel concept, the badass brawler is looking to hurt Dan Ryan and his fed not through force, but through sabotage. He's tanking matches, advertising other companies on the air. What will he do next? Something brazen, you'd think. Because if it wasn't brazen, then it's not IrishRed.

Mike Evers - He won the Television Championship at Unleashed, and now, this EPW exclusive character has to prove he deserves to keep it. What antics will he and Wisconsin Bill pull off? Well, whatever they are, I can guarantee one thing; they'll be entertaining.

Adam Benjamin and Classy Mike C - Despite losing his TV Title, Benjamin remains one of EPW's hottest wrestlers. Now he's moving into the tag ranks with fellow EUWC Briton Classy Mike C. In addition to the HPSC, Priest and Eisenkreuz and Blitz, the tag division is hopping, and Benji and Mike C should prove to be strong contenders to the Social Club Triad's titles.


Anonymous said...

Ouch... No mention of Frankie Scott OR The Sarge. I'll bet the farm that Frankie Scott will be more of "Who to watch for" than Stevens AND Evers.

Tom Holzerman said...

I was actually going to include a blurb about the Frankie/Sarge feud in there, but the match still hasn't been put up yet.