Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NAPW's Get the Hell Off Our Lawn!

Part one, pre-riot
Part two, post-riot

First off, I have to say Get the Hell Off Our Lawn is the best name for a PPV event I've heard in awhile.

Now, to the results.

This was the first NAPW PPV event I've read, and I have to say, it was pretty good. Definitely on the level of their shows in terms of quality. The only thing I have a problem with is on the matchwriting level, that it seems a little too close to being a regular TV match in some instances. Still, it's a minor complaint.

There was a bunch of stuff going on here, a lot of promos that built up the matches. I love that. It gives the show such an old-school WWF PPV feel to it. Promo, D! and Static stand out for their spots.

I thought the riot was unique. I don't know what else to say about it, because I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it's something unexpected and interesting. It's a good heat builder for Rex and Ravager and the other of Winchell's minions. On the other hand... it came of a little forced. If a riot really broke out, then the show wouldn't have resumed the next day and used for an angle, and if it was an angled riot, then it comes off a little cheesy. I don't know... I'll probably come around on it, especially if the parties involved build off it into something special.

I personally can't wait to see Tommy Deathrow react to having to wear a dress :)

The title match sequence at the end I thought was pretty good. You had some heel dickery, the underdog face winning against all odds, but there was a twist. I can't wait to see where this new Man in Black arc is headed, and I'm waiting to see how D! plays winning the title in a tainted manner. Diego's such a talented writer, I'm actually excited to see where it's going.

So in closing, I think you should read this show, even if it will be your first NAPW show. It's an overall positive experience, and I think it serves as a great building block into bigger and better things.


Ryan Rogatschnigg said...

The riot idea, more than anything, is a)fun and b)used to really get over how unglued everything is with the new owner/commissioner. I've always stated that I will NOT do a GM/Commish angle unless it has a purpose and ending. There will be an ending, leading back to NAPW being figurehead-less.

I would like to give a lot of credit to Diego for writing the "riot highlights" that starts off part two. Despite how long I've wanted to do this, I really just seemed to lose steam at the end of part one and the riot itself didn't happen very well.

I'm playing on the Whyte Avenue riots that occured during the Stanley Cup playoffs and Edmonton's unfortuante reputation as being a boozer town with people who go crazy. I was aiming for a total bullshit finish to the end of Rex Caliber/Ravager that would set off a hot, drunk, and angry crowd (many of whom would be non-wrestling fans, just drunk jocks there for the free show.)

So... Again, I think Diego did a stellar job selling the riot at the opening of part two.

I'm particularly pleased with the title match sequence at the end. D!/Dev and D!/Static were very different from any previous D! match. Aaron (Evan Cartwright) did a fantastic job with D!/Dev (particularly the commentary: wow, did he just have the lines flying from Jack Jones' mouth.) He gave me a great platform to write D!/Static. And TWIST!

I'm glad you noted/appreciated the 'old school' feel to it. I really strive to mix some of my favorite parts of the classic wrestling shows into NAPW, and the backstage promos are something that is sorely lacking. Even in the height of the Attitude era you always had Rock, Austin, etc doing promos before a match... now it's just...


Appreciate the props, appreciate your writing, and appreciate the constructive criticism on top of it. It's good to hear.

Diego said...

Likewise, Tom. And no pressure.

I was honestly expectng a huge backlash for D!'s tainted win, but as Ryan pointed out, it really wouldn't have worked with the way he'd been shaping the crowd. Strange, bu true--our best intentions tend to get wiped out "in the moment".

But Hell yes, there will be some consequences. And it'll likely be coming from our super-strong heel contingent.

Also, please enjoy our tap-dancing around the subject of TEAM results. Did D! lose the CoC title--or leave it in his gym bag? Mysteries abound!