Saturday, June 03, 2006


We're onto the regional semifinals, but before we get to those matchups, how about a recap of the Suleimon and Moron Bros. brackets, shall we?

Big Dog over IrishRed
Cross over Lindsay Troy
Prisoner 187 over Mr. Hyde
Mr. Hyde over Eight
Beast over Hida Yakamo
Andy Gilkison over Nemesys
Jericoholic Anonymous over Duchess
Chip Friendly over Necromancer

And now... the Sweet Sixteen~!

Allen Thomas Regional

Housefly (1) vs. Slambo the Clown (5)

Housefly's Real Life Counterpart: Chris Benoit - They're both smallish, great technical wrestlers. As faces, they make great underdogs, and no matter what affiliation, they're credible Champions.

Slambo's Real Life Counterpart: Eugene - They're both mentally deficient in some ways, and they both long to have friends. Thusly, they're both prone to be taken advantage of. Of course, Slambo's got much more of a meanstreak, and he's shown signs of lucidity, but I couldn't think of anyone better... and no, he's not Doink, not even evil Doink.

Richard Farnswirth (2) vs. Steven Shane (3)

Farnswirth's Real Life Counterpart: Ted DiBiase - Duh.

Shane's Real Life Counterpart: "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles - Young, cocky and chock full of talent. That would sum up why Phenomenal AJ is Sensational Shane's counterpart.

Professor Bobo Regional

Euclid (1) vs. James Irish (4)

Euclid's Real Life Counterpart: Bret Hart - They're both intense technicians who spent good parts of their careers wrestling with shadows. Both were proud Champions who may have been a bit underrated.

James Irish's Real Life Counterpart: Mick Foley, mostly in his Mankind or Foley Commissioner phase - The clown prince of A1E is very reminiscent of Mick Foley and his Corporate Mankind hijinx. Foley's first World Title win was long overdue, and so's James'.

Ken Cloverleaf (2) vs. Gladiator (3)

Ken Cloverleaf's Real Life Counterpart: Chris Jericho - Both are cocky as hell and both are supremely talented. They both bring the massive egos with comical undertones to the table, and both were unlikely yet very deserving Champions.

Gladiator's Real Life Counterpart: Bob Backlund - Both are very old-school characters. In face mode, they both embody ideals of honor and hard work. They diverge on their heel paths, seeing as Gladdy was never quite insane, but I think the face comparison works. BTW, this was the HARDEST FUCKING ONE TO DO!

Captain Suleimon Regional

Big Dog (1) vs. Cross (5)

Big Dog's Real Life Counterpart: American Badass Undertaker - Other than Taker stealing Dog's "Biggest dog in the yard" catchphrase :p. Both guys have the same blue-collar, kick ass and take names attitude.

Cross' Real Life Counterpart: Crow-era Sting - Both characters are mysterious, misunderstood, although Sting doesn't have the obvious religious overtones and Cross doesn't repell from the ceiling.

Prisoner 187 (2) vs. Mr. Hyde (3)

Prisoner's Real Life Counterpart: Raven - Like Raven in ECW, Prisoner 187 was a manipulative, cerebral, sacriligious, deadly preditorial Champion who commanded great respect from everyone in the fed. Like Raven later on in his career, 187 later on in his career has become watered down.

Hyde's Real Life Counterpart: Kevin Sullivan - Hyde is probably a much stronger character in this respect, but there's no denying that Kevin Sullivan's cerebral evil genius is reflected in Hyde's work.

Moron Bros. Bracket

Beast (1) vs. Andrew Gilkison (4)

Beast's Real Life Counterpart: Triple H - And no, not in the way you think I mean it :p. Although Triple H has won tons more World Championships, both have great similarities in character. Trips and Beast don't need to have the World Championship or be in the World Championship chase to habitate a main event feud with great attention. Both are big man workers who are proficient technically. And both are suspected of using steroids ;)

Andy Gilkison's Real Life Counterpart: Lance Storm - To invert Andy's A1 sig a bit... Not a great gimmick, but one hell of a worker.

Jericoholic Anonymous (2) vs. Chip Friendly (3)

JA's Real Life Coutnerpart: Christian - Goofy, undersized, not taken seriously by anyone but the most hardcore fans, but finally have gotten their due. That could describe either Christian or JA.

Chip Friendly's Real Life Counterpart: Kurt Angle - Chip's silver tongue is very reminiscent of Kurt Angle's, and their penchant for being weasily and trumping up accomplishments makes them compatible. Plus the ring style is similar.


AndyGilkie said...

Housefly vs. Slambo the Clown: With all due respect to Slambo, Housefly wins here.

Richard Farnswirth vs. Steven Shane: A year ago, the Sensational One would've won this, but since that time, Shane's star fell, while Farnswirth's went up after his successful bid for the World title.

Euclid vs. James Irish: James has a great upside, especially where future World titles are concerned. But Euclid has not only been to the top, but we don't know who could've stopped him if his real life hadn't got in his way of EFedding. Euclid wins here.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Gladiator: This is a fucking hard one. It's close, but I think I will go with Glad by a hair.

Big Dog vs. Cross: Cross got some wins over Dog in the past, but I think that World title reign of Dog's just puts him over here.

Prisoner 187 vs. Mr. Hyde: Holy Mindfuck, Batman. The sick shit these two would pull on each other in a match would be a sight. Anyway, Hyde never got to go all the way with his potential, while the Prisoner was just a more important player during his World title run.

Beast vs. Andrew Gilkison: Aw crap. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I mean, seriously, Beast wins this running away.

Jericoholic Anonymous vs. Chip Friendly: The World title run that JA had kind of puts JA over here. I mean, as great as Chip is, and what he has done, he isn't quite ready to be known as "The Best" until he gets that World title around his waist. JA has though, which is why I am putting him over here.

BigDaddy said...

Now we start getting to the fun part.

Allen Thomas Regional

Housefly vs. Slambo the Clown
I love me some Slambo, but it's hard to put him over the icon of A1E here. Fly moves on.

Richard Farnswirth vs. Steven Shane
Lot of good history here, actually. Can't say I've got a lot of good results either, so hopefully this one will be different. No vote from me though.

Professor Bobo Regional

Euclid vs. James Irish
As much as I enjoy what James has been doing lately, Euclid is one of my all-time favorites. The Teach moves on.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Gladiator
Oooh, very tough call. I like Kenny a lot, otherwise Dan and I would never have invited him into the HPSC. But Gladiator has been a big part of my career as BigDog. From tag teaming to the big title feud, I just have to give it to Max.

Captain Suleimon Regional

BigDog vs. Cross
Again, it's another match with some real history. Cross and I have never had a major feud, but we did have some really interesting matches along the way. No vote.

Prisoner 187 vs. Mr. Hyde
Oh my, this is rather tough again. I'd really love to give this to Hyde, but 187 simply has more history. Maybe if Nick had been able to hang around, I'm sure there would be many more accolades. 187 wins.

Moron Bros. Regional

Beast vs. Andrew Gilkison
Andy knows how this is going to go. Not a knock on him at all, but this is Beast. The Alpha Male gets the win.

Jericoholic Anonymous vs. Chip Friendly
I've said it a few times already, but this is probably the closest match of the bunch. I love Chip, and I do think that he could have a shelf full of titles if given the opportunity. JA does have those belts, and has a long history in A1E as well. JA has the world title reign, and both have several reigns with other belts. I think I'm going to have to go with the slight upset here and give the match to Chip.

Dan West said...

Housefly (1) vs. Slambo the Clown (5)
For my money, Slambo is the best written character in A1E, He is the most complex character in A1E. He is the most underappreciated character in A1E. And against any other opponent I would be sorely tempted to give him the duke. Not against the most decorated character in the history of A1E though. Sorry, Clown, Fly wins here.

Richard Farnswirth (2) vs. Steven Shane (3)
Honestly this would typically be a now brainer. Farnswirth is easily one of my top two or three favorite characters in A1E and he has two World Title reigns on The Sensational One. But Shane has absolutely owned Farnswirth when it comes to wins and losses against each other. Given everything that Farns has accomplished since the last match of their rivalry, I think he gets the hard fought win here.

Professor Bobo Regional

Euclid (1) vs. James Irish (4)
I think it is fairly safe to say that Euclid is probably the weakest Number One seed in the field and James is one of the strongest Number Fours. So If I am going to book an actual upset this round, it is going to have to be here. James wins (and he owes me World Title reign in the next 6 month to prove me right)

Ken Cloverleaf (2) vs. Gladiator (3)
Perhaps the tightest match of the round. Both have dominant tag runs capped with a World Title reign. I don't know, why but for some reason I seem to remember Kenny having a more solid run and better defenses with the Big Fiery belt though. Cloverleaf wins.

Captain Suleimon Regional

Big Dog (1) vs. Cross (5)
As much as I like Cross, I voted for him to go down last round. So there is no way I can put him over A1E's longest reigning World Champion.

Prisoner 187 (2) vs. Mr. Hyde (3)
No vote

Moron Bros. Bracket

Beast (1) vs. Andrew Gilkison (4)
As great a past 12-15 months as Andy has had in A1E, there is just no way I can put him over the greatest A1E Kayfabe Canadian World Champion of all time. ;)

Jericoholic Anonymous (2) vs. Chip Friendly (3)
No Vote (Right Tom?)

Demps said...

First off, I'd actually say that Slambo's real life counterpart is a lot more Mankind (esp. Corporate Mankind) than Eugene. I steal from Foley constantly. Just my two cents.

On to the votes.

Housefly vs. Slambo
Tough draw for the Clown. No vote.

Farnsy vs. Shane
I'll reiterate that Shane never really did much for me. Farnsy in a walk.

Euclid vs. James Irish
Hmm...this one is tough. I'm thinking that I'll echo Spoiler's thoughts here and add that the way Euclid left while on top damages his resume. Real life gets in the way, but to not even work something out with the BC in order to put someone over gracefully isn't a great way to make your exit and actually did damage to Torment as well, I think. James gets the vote here.

Cloverleaf vs. Gladiator
I think Cloverleaf is the better character and the better read. He gets the win.

Big Dog vs. Cross
Maybe I just missed the boat on Cross the first time. I'll be interested to see what he does in his return. As it stands now Big Dog moves on with little trouble.

187 vs. Hyde
This is another close one. I'm tempted to go with Hyde factoring in Prisoner's abortion of a second run at the hands of a different handler, but my heart still says the original 187 takes the duke.

Beast vs. Gilky
I'm gonna give the upset vote to Andy because even if Beast should win Andy doesn't deserve to get shut out at all. He's too good.

JA vs. Chip Friendly
Tough draw for JA too, as in my eyes the tourny is Chip's to lose.

Anonymous said...

Fly is just synonomous with A1E. All conversations start and end with him.

If only the Sensational one stuck around; I truly think he would be world champ by now. Farnsy wins this one.

I am a JI mark...period.

Kenny was awesome. I would love to see him come back.

Dog vs Cross is my toughest decision here. Nothing I can say against Dog or Cross. They both are great IMO. On pedigree I go with Dog.

Hyde wins this one in a bloodbath.

Beast v Andy. Not yet Andrew...but soon.

Chip vs JA. Jesus how many times has this match happened? Chip gets the duke in a coin flip.


Dan said...

Housefly v. Slambo the Clown

I think that Slambo the Clown is one of the best characters ever in A1E. There is such an incredible way this character is written (and I'm a gigantic fan of writing in general) that he can be untouchable on most weeks. Fly quite possibly is the ultimate legend of A1E. His name and work is synonymous with the company and known across e-fedding. Even though I think Slambo is one of the greatest characters ever (and one of my favorites personally) I have to give it to Fly. The tradition, storylines, and titles are too much here.

Richard Farnswirth v. Steven Shane

These guys had awesome feuds together that were a blast to read because both are two of my favorite characters. This match goes to Shane had Farnsy somehow left when Shane did, and both their A1E careers ended but he didn't. Farnswirth has catapulted himself easily to main event status after the GD tournament and multiple world title reigns since the departure of the Sensational One. Farnswirth gets the win.

Euclid v. James Irish

It's very true that James Irish is long overdue for a World Title reign, but I can't compare because he hasn't gone through the grind. I honestly believe that Euclid had one of, if not the toughest World Title reign ever... especially right when it began defeating a red-hot Cross. Then defeating Big Dog and Gladiator in consecutive weeks (something I don't think anybody has done) and then defeating both of them AGAIN in a 3-way dance. I just think that alone gives him the win. This could be a different match 7 months down the road though if James has the belt strapped around him.

Ken Cloverleaf v. Gladiator

No Vote

Big Dog v. Cross

Cross has struggled with A1E since his first successful stint where he capture the World and Cyber titles and was incredible. A 6 month feud with Gladiator (the man who beat Big Dog) leading to a world title win was huge. If Cross beats Euclid at BNY he holds the belt for maybe 6 months or longer. Hopefully this new stint will be better suited for Cross. I have to give this one to Big Dog though in a close one.

Prisoner 187 v. Mr. Hyde

Hyde was simply amazing and nearly untouchable for the 6 or so month reign he held the belt but faded away leaving us longing. 187 was tremendous as old, and honestly I don't believe he was THAT bad under the new image. It wasn't the same, but he did have successful Survivor Title reigns. Give it to 187.

Beast v. Andrew Gilkison

This is another one that can change in about 6 months down the road because I could see a big World title reign from Andy in the near future. Until then this goes to Beast.

Jericoholic Anonymous v. Chip Friendly

Wow, what a match here. Like I said before JA has been on one of the best streaks I ever saw from anybody in A1E, winning both the Pier 6 and the number one contender tournament, and then the big fire belt. There's something about Chip Friendly that makes him one of the best in the business though and that he never receives the respect he deserves. He could be in a feud for the lowest title in the company but come back the next week in a match with the champion and beat him decisively. Extremely tough choice but I have to go with Chip in this one.


James Irish said...

Fly vs Slambo: Good grief, now it gets hard. My min says fly, but my heart says Slambo, and I have to go with my heart.

Farns vs S.S.S.: Two of my favorite opponents of all time. I think I did some of my favorite promos against (and also with) Steven Shane. He's a great partner, and a cool guy. But, unlike with Fly/Slambo, I have to go with the one with the title credentials. Farns wins.

Euclid vs. Me: Well... I was about to say it was fun while it lasted, but amazingly, the vote is tied! Honestly, I think Dan right above my post gave perhaps the most fair estimate on what this match boils down to.

Cloverleaf vs. Gladiator: I could never beat Ken until one of his last matches. And I don't think I ever took on Gladiator. Of the two, I think Ken left the most lasting impression on me. He wins.

Dog vs Cross: 2 title reigns vs 1. Cross, it's so awesome you're back, let's get that second world title so next year it's a fair fight. Dog wins.

187 vs Hyde: I wasn't around for the 187 of myth. Hyde is someone I introduced to e-fedding. I have to go with my buddy, Hyde wins.

Beast vs. Andy: Oy... I hate to do this to Andy, but Beast is the man in A1E. Beast wins.

JA vs. Chip: Hardest for last... two of the funniest characters I've ever seen. And two of the best. JA, though, is a far more balanced character who has adapted to new roles when needed. And there's that recent, cut all too short World Title reign. JA wins.

Hey, Tom, how about for the Elite Eight, you list what you think their most important contributions to e-fedding are?

Beast said...

Allen Thomas Regional

Housefly (1) vs. Slambo the Clown (5)

As good as Slambo is, I can't put him over Fly.

Richard Farnswirth (2) vs. Steven Shane (3)

Until Shane left, he had accomplished more, but Farnsy's two World Titles put him over here.

Professor Bobo Regional

Euclid (1) vs. James Irish (4)

Until James wins the World Title, I have to give this to Euclid. Ask me this again after James grabs the big fiery belt.

Ken Cloverleaf (2) vs. Gladiator (3)

No vote.

Captain Suleimon Regional

Big Dog (1) vs. Cross (5)

Both men have accomplished a lot, but Dog's year-long reign is basically untouchable here.

Prisoner 187 (2) vs. Mr. Hyde (3)

Had Hyde hung around longer, this might be a different story. 187 gets the win.

Moron Bros. Bracket

Beast (1) vs. Andrew Gilkison (4)

No vote.

Jericoholic Anonymous (2) vs. Chip Friendly (3)

Both have had tag title runs. Both have had Cyber title runs. Chip has had the Triple Star and Survivor, but JA has captured the World title. Both have taken absenses. This is damned close. In a gut decision, I give this to Chip. My answer could be different tomorrow, or even an hour from now, but that's what I think now.

Tom Holzerman said...

Housefly/Slambo - The clown's run ends here. Fly is the odds on favorite to win.

Farnswirth/Shane - Farnswirth's two World Championships give him the nod here.

Euclid/Irish - On record alone, Euclid shoudl get the duke. But I still don't like the way he left A1E, and James is the first opponent whose resume I feel safe voting over E. So there.

Cloverleaf/Gladiator - I'm tempted to throw my vote at Maximus here, but Cloverleaf's World Title reign is too large to ignore.

Big Dog/Cross - No offense to Xandor, but Dog's the other favorite to win this tournament.

187/Hyde - Even if we're only looking at Classic 187, I still give the nod to Hyde, who was one of the most intelligent, biting and devilish characters of all-time.

Beast/Andy - Sorry, but Beast is Mr. A1E. No one's done more to promote it over the years than Jarret, and Beast has done EVERYTHING htere is to do in A1E.

JA/Chip - Everyone else is doing it, so why can't I? *grumble*

Lindz said...

mmhmm, it's 12:36pm, I just woke up and Holzerman's begging me to vote in this thing since I haven't yet. :p

Housefly vs. Slambo: If Slammy didn't draw Fly here, I'd put him over. But, I can't. :(

Farnswirth vs. Shane: Teh Farnz.

Euclid vs. James: Hmm. Well, I want to say Euclid based on his accomplishments in the fed. But y'know something? A #1 seed has to fall at some point, and goshdarnit, I guess I'm going to be the deciding factor here. :p OH, I'M A REBEL! James advances, because while Euclid won the world title and had a great feud with BD over Jamie, I kinda agree with both Holzerman and Bill when they posted their thoughts on E.

Cloverleaf vs. Gladiator: Both won world titles, both were parts of excellent feuds with the HPSC and the Empire. So, it's going to come down to character enjoyment and for me, Cloverleaf wins in that category.

Big Dog vs. Cross: I can't deny BD here to advance on in the tournament.

187 vs. Hyde: OK, coinflip time, and it's Hyde

Beast vs. Andy: Can't deny Beast advancing here either.

JA vs. Chip: JA. OK Tom, feel better now? :p