Thursday, June 01, 2006

Some updates (shows, Roundtable)

Alright, for those who signed up for it, the Roundtable is still on. I've just hit a really rough stretch at work, and I'm gonna have to push it back until next week, probably for Thursday unless I get stuck at the office again.

And now, onto the SHOWS~!

First up, the biggie. ACW Holocaust, nuckas. After long wait, the AC-Dub comes back and rages hardcore... literally. The matchwriting, as usual, is top-notch. Highlights include the GTS match between Jimmy Cain and Joe Mescalero and Hardware Holocaust between Dean Matthews and Rory Hayes. Plus, Devin knocks another one out of the park with the funniest firing segment this year.

I'm also interested to hear your feedback about the Suleimon/GOP stuff.

Next up, a double dose of NFW, returning after an even longer time and surviving the move of Katz across the country.

Crash Week 9!
MidMad Ep IX~!

I wouldn't call either one either conference's best effort, but they both got the job done. They both set up well for week 10 as well.

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