Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ultimate A1E... THE FINAL FOUR~!

Sorry for lapsing on this... once again, life is hectic. But here's the FINAL FOUR~!~!~!

Housefly (Allen Thomas 1) vs. Ken Cloverleaf (Professor Bobo 2)

Housefly's Tale of the Tape:

- 3x A1E World Heavyweight Champion
- Only character to hold both A1E and MBE World Champions
- A1E Cyber Champion
- 2005 Pier Six Winner
- 2x A1E Tag Team Champion (w/ Beast, 2x)
- Leader of The Empire
- Main Event of the first Vengeance supercard (2001, vs. Prisoner 187)

Ken Cloverleaf's Tale of the Tape

- A1E World Heavyweight Champion
- 2x A1E Tag Team Champion (w/ Steven Shane, 2x)
- High-standing member of the Highland Park Social Club
- Won Main Event Gauntlet Match vs. James Irish, Torment and Steven Shane at Golden Dreams in 2004
- Co-winner of the 2004 Number One Contenders Tournament

Big Dog (Captain Suleimon 1) vs. Beast (Moron Bros. 1)

Big Dog's Tale of the Tape

- A1E World Heavyweight Champion
- 3x A1E Tag Team Champion (w/ Gladiator, by himself, w/ Dan Ryan, current)
- Won Tag Team Championships by himself (bears repeating!)
- Defeated Prisoner 187 in third match
- Inaugural Pier Six Winner (2002) and 2004 Co-winner (w/ Gladiator)

Beast's Tale of the Tape

- A1E World Heavyweight Champion
- 3x A1E Cyber Champion
- Longest reigning A1E Survivor Champion
- 5x A1E Tag Team Champion (w/ Necromancer, w/ Housefly, 2x, w/ Lindsay Troy, w/ Kanna Kirishima)


AndyGilkie said...

[b]Housefly vs. Ken Cloverleaf[/b]

Everytime these two guys faced each other, Fly was always a step ahead. Fly's impact on A1E cannot be denied as well. Ken is a flash in the pan compared to Fly's tenure at the top of A1E on three occasions. Fly just wins this. Pure and simple.

[b]Big Dog vs. Beast[/b]

Dog is easily Beast's toughest opponent in recent years. I don't recall Beast ever beating Dog one on one. This is a tough match to vote on, so that is what I am using as my ultimate decision maker. I am going with Dog here in the toughest fight he has had in this tournament thus far.

BigDaddy said...

Housefly vs. Ken Cloverleaf
I love Kenny, but this is the end of his road. Fly is the standard bearer, and he goes on to the finals.

BigDog vs. Beast
This has been fun every time we've done it. No vote here.

Dan West said...

Housefly vs. Ken Cloverleaf

No offense to Kenny, but this is as far as he goes without another sucessful A1E run. Fly's three World belts take him to the finals fairly easily.

BigDog vs. Beast

Tight match. If Beast's late run World Title reign hadn't been cut short my personal matters, it probaby would have been even tighter. Big Dog wins.

James Irish said...

Housefly vs Kenny: Just as I couldn't match up to Kenny's accomplishments, neither can Kenny quite reach the fly. Housefly wins.

BigDog vs. Beast: Match of the Tournament up to this point, hands down. And, I actually have to give it to Beast, since as good as Dog and Fly are, it's his name I think of first when I think A1E.

Anonymous said...

Give me Big Dog vs Fly for the championship and all will be right in the A1E world.


Beast said...

Housefly vs. Ken Cloverleaf

Housefly all the way.

BigDog vs. Beast

No vote.

Dan said...

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Housefly

It was a fine run to the Final Four. I couldn't have been more proud to be where I'm at or who I will eventually fall to.

Big Dog vs. Beast

I have to give it to Big Dog. The year-long title reign is still the greatest accomplishment in A1E history, coupled with Euclid's early title defenses of the fire belt, and Housefly's 3-time accomplishments, but more specifically the first one.