Saturday, June 24, 2006

TEAM Happenings: Super Show I and the next big tourney

Alright, here are the two big announcements I promised. One is an official one, and right now, the other is unofficial. First thing's first though, the official, concrete one.

TEAM Super Show I

Due to popular demand, the Champion of Champions title will be an active title, and the first sanctioned defense will happen at the Super Show. D! battles Karl Brown, and it was also announced that Mr. Amazing! will get the winner at a later date, be it on a TEAM card or on an A1E, EPW or NAPW card.

As for the event itself, we need more matches to fill out the card. It will be in open challenge format, so you can do one of three things in the following thread

Sign up thread!:

1- Call out someone specific
2- Make an open challenge and see if someone bites
3- Make no challenge, but sign up in the thread anyway and see if I can book you in a match

Easy enough.

As for the unofficial announcement, it looks like the next big TEAM tournament is going to be in a World Cup format. I haven't decided yet whether it's going to be by country/region or by fed. I'm going to need support from all the fedheads if it's the latter, and I will be in contact with several of you guys in the future to see whether doing it by fed is feasible.

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