Monday, June 26, 2006

The 2006 Blog Half-Year Awards

Aside from the year-enders, these ones are the biggest. So let's dive in, shall we?

Handler of the Half-Year

5th place - Lindz (Lindsay Troy; NFW, EPW, PRIME, TEAM events)

If you look at her two main feds (EPW and NFW), you may not have an overwhelming sense that she's done that much this year, mainly because of the relative inactivity. However, her character won the MARK Tournament, which speaks for her impact across three communities. She was a big help with the TEAM Invitational as a judge and the ToC as a handler, and she stepped into the PTC world with PRIME, something that is no small task, even for someone who's been exposed to narrative writing before in fWo. Any good handler can sit on their laurels and be content with "good." Lindsay is showing that she's trying to be great, and that should be commended.

4th place - Fergus Looney/Josh Kalvelage (Jack Murphy/Garbage Bag Johnny; both AWC)

I have both these guys listed here because they're both major ingredients to the glue that holds AWC's backstage together so tightly. Ferg played the major role in the first three months, and since GBJ has burst on the scene, Josh has eased into the role. Each guy is there providing feedback, starting feedback threads, engaging other handlers, giving Hyde the hand he needs to keep AWC moving smoothly. Plus, Ferg was the driving force behind the house shows, and for anyone who follows AWC, they were a big help in keeping interest up in the hiatus between Twilight of the Gods and Zero to Hero.

3rd place - Joshua Ray (The Sergeant, Drunken Tiger; A1E, MCW, EPW, UCW)

Sure, there was that dust-up where he left A1E in a huff for awhile, but in the short time he's been around the community, he's come up huge. Writing matches for EPW, bailing Bolich out and taking over MCW, coming back to A1E with two characters, Josh has been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of e-fedding, and he's definitely someone the hobby needs.

2nd place - Seth Silviera (Andy Sharp, Manpower, Big Buck Logan; ACW, NFW, LoC)

The phrase "heart and soul" is overused when it comes to e-fedding. Hell, I use it a lot too, but I think in this case, it's warranted. When I say that Seth is the heart and soul of ACW, it's as close to fact as an opinion can get. Seriously, the amount of work and pride he puts into the fed is the only reason I think it's still alive. He should get a run with the World Championship before the year's out. His work in NFW has been very funny and he's been one of the guys in the West who's been producing other than Katz, TW and Steve. Seth is a treasure to the hobby.

Handler of the Half-Year - Dan West (The Spoiler, Chip Friendly, Professor Tremendous, Victor Molotov; A1E, EPW, TEAM Events)

If there's someone more involved in maintaining the health of the hobby than Dan, I haven't met him yet. He's been a force in A1E and EPW, as all both characters he runs between the two feds are in some kind of title chase. He's a huge supporter of the TEAM movement. He participates in feedback, is one of A1E's most ardent voters and he's even done more promotion of the Ultimate A1E Tournament than I have so far. I think he's earned this honor for the half year, and hopefully, he can keep it up the next six months.

Honorable Mentions: Joe Schmidt (Adam Dick/Facey; AWC, PRIME), Bill Dempsey (A1E, EPW, TEAM Events; Mr. Amazing!, Slambo the Clown), Karl Brown (Karl Brown, Mr. Entertainment; EPW, NEW, TEAM Events), Diego Ibarra (D!; NAPW, TEAM Events), Phil Banet (A1E, EPW, TEAM Events; Big Dog, Richard Farnswirth), Stephen Thomas (EPW, NFW, UCW, PRIME, CSWA; Joey Melton, Mark Windham), Michael McNichols (NFW; Michael Manson)

Wrestler of the Half-Year

5th place - Seymour Almasy (NFW, ACW, GCW, PTC Events)

His WotFQ honor credentials keep him on the list, but his relative inactivity over the last three months have knocked him back four places. Right now, he's coasting into retirement, but who can blame him. Hopefully Sean the handler won't ride off into the sunset with Seymour the character.

4th place - Mr. Amazing! (A1E, TEAM Events)

Mr. A!'s been flying under the radar, but I think even without his run to the finals in the ToC, he deserves a spot here. He's been tearing up A1E, and of course, the finish in the ToC only cements his spot. Especially if he capitalizes with the Best of A1E tournament and maybe even a CoC win, he'll be rising on this list, provided the top three cool off a bit (and one of them is bound to for reasons I'll cover in a later entry).

3rd place - Felix Red (NFW)

It can be hard for a one-fed exclusive wrestler to make it, but with the year Felix has been having so far, it's hard to deny him. He's made the Eastern Conference his bitch this year, capturing the Survivor Series match as the sole survivor, winning the NFW World Championship, and of course, carrying the Kooter angle. I predicted that Felix was the best bet to win the ULTRATITLE, and I think he's definitely one of the favorites. Stay tuned.

2nd place - Richard Farnswirth (A1E, EPW)

He entered the year as A1E Champion and took it back emphatically at Vengeance. He's been categorically dominant across the board, and he's even bringing it in EPW in the tag ranks, as the HPSC looks poised to take the Tag belts there. He could very well end the year with top honors.

Wrestler of the Half-Year - Adam Dick/The Illustrious Face-Eater (AWC, PRIME)

Like Farnswirth in A1E, Dick has been categorically dominant in AWC, winning two AWC Transatlantic Championships, the first one dethroning the fed's only legend in Pierce Lavelle and basically dominating with his angle and segment work. In PRIME, he's pretty much nailed down every title outside the Universal that there is to nail down. It was a close race among the top three, but I'm fairly confident that Dick is the right choice for WotHY right now.

Honorable Mentions: D! (NAPW, TEAM Events), Lindsay Troy (NFW, EPW, PRIME, TEAM Events), Chip Friendly (A1E, EPW), Karl Brown (EPW, TEAM Events), Jack Murphy (AWC), Garbage Bag Johnny (AWC), Rich Rollins (GCW, PTC Events), Jake Hix (Global, TEAM Events, PTC Events), Michael Manson (NFW), Joey Melton (NFW, CSWA, PRIME, EPW)

Match of the Half-Year (as written)

5th place - Mike Wade vs. Paddy O'Shea, Loser Leaves Town Match (AWC Bloodlust)

I thought this captured the brutality and finality of the match to a tee, especially the finish. It was a shame to see Paddy go, but at least he went out with a bang.

4th place - Mark Windham vs. Dan Ryan, UNIFIED Title Ladder Match (CSWA PRIMETIME in Montego Bay)

This match is notable for two reasons:

1) Mark Windham's dream street cutaway. I thought it was a brilliant way of describing what Windham was feeling physically through creative writing. It might have offended a few of the PBP purists, but I thought it was neat, although aren't there enough guys chasing Ivy now? :p

2) The Return of Troy-Diddy. Great swerve, and great to see Gregg and Troy Windham back in the CSWA. Yet another in the long line of great dick-heel moves for The Epitome. He's perhaps the best old-school heel character in e-fedding ever.

Would have been nice to have seen the strap go back on Dan Ryan though, but I feel it's coming. Brunk deserves some recognition, as a lot of people seem to be taking him for granted.

3rd place - A1E Pier Six Brawl (Bloody New Year)

This is the one match that year-in and year-out I know will deliver in A1E. Roger has a knack for writing this, and the action, as always, was phenomenal.

2nd place - Survival of the Fittest for the ACW World Championship (Honor and Glory)

I'm afraid ACW will never have a match like this again, not unless Renner and Dupin come back. Not saying ACW won't have quality matches; they will; but both Renner and Dupin have such a distinct style and magic. Seth and Devin have magic too, but they're both different writers.

Regardless of that, this was a phenomenal main event for a phenomenal PPV. There was so much to like, GFS' psychology, GOP doing a Colt Cabana (!), Seymour busting out the UBERHIGHSPOT after being thrown around like Raggedy Andy. One of the pinnacles of the year.

Match of the Half-Year - Week Eight Survivor Series Match (NFW Crash TV 8)

For the same reasons I mentioned in the FQ awards; big tag matches are so hard to pull off, but Mike did it flawlessly.

Honorable Mentions: IrishRed vs. Mr. Amazing!, Respect Match (A1E Warfare), Hound vs. Max Danger vs. Andy Sharp, Spirit of ACW Match (ACW Legends II), Coral Avalon vs. Lowell Dot Com vs. Jimmy Cain, Gimmick Hell~! ACW Scorpion Championship Match (Legends II), Khristain Keller vs. Max Danger vs. Seymour Almasy, ACW World Championship Match (Legends II), Jimmy Cain vs. Joe Mescalero (ACW Holocaust), Adam Dick vs. Pierce Lavelle, AWC Transatlantic Championship (AWC Fresh~!), Red Rock vs. Vince Jones, Back To School Match for the AWC Relentless Championship (AWC Twilight of the Gods), Hulk-a-Thon Finals (NFW Midnight Madness Week 8), Eddie Mayfield vs. Eli Flair, UWA Championship Match (finish nonwithstanding :p, UWA Pirate TV), Jimmy Donovan vs. Hans Nowak vs. Olvir Arsvinnar vs. Web Browswer, 60 Minute Iron Man Match for the LVW World Championship (LVW Supershow on the Strip)

Match of the Year (as RPed)

5th place - Karl Brown vs. Victor Molotov (TEAM Invitational Tournament Finals)

Karl really stepped up his game, and Victor kept playing his gimmick to perfect execution. It was so hard to pick a winner here, but at the very least, I can say I'm proud of the way my inaugural TEAM event finished up.

4th place - Freakshow vs. Hida Yakamo (A1E Warfare)

Honestly, A1E and e-fedding on suffers whenever Jon's not around. Freakshow is such an innovative character. Hida's material that week was really good too, crisp, and the special appearance from Yori was top-notch. This match easily could have gone in Hida's favor, but it was the best RPed match in A1E so far this year.

3rd place - Hulk-a-Thon Finals (NFW Midnight Madness Week 8)

This one gets knocked back a few pegs from the FQ awards. Once again, the heat was off the charts, but its shootiness holds it back just a tad.

2nd place - Adam Dick vs. Jack Murphy and Aimz, AWC Transatlantic Championship Handicap Match (AWC Bloodlust)

Aimz no-showed this match, but the RPs between Dick and Murphy were about as good as it gets with the non-traditional style. Dick's diary of manipulation and The Bull's interactions with Jessica's dying father were both topical, pertinent and to-the-point. Both men showed why they deserved to hold the title in this affair.

Match of the Half-Year - Lindsay Troy vs. Karl Brown vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. Beast vs. Joey Melton vs. Kin Hiroshi, EPW World Championship Match (EPW Unleashed)

If the writeup for this match is as good as the RPing was, then we're in for a treat. Everyone who showed brought their A-game, and if Beast was able to show for it, he would have made it that much better. That's what happens when you get the best of the FW world together though.

Honorable Mentions: A1E Pier Six Brawl (A1E Bloody New Year), Richard Farnswirth vs. Beast, A1E World Championship Match (Bloody New Year), Mr. Amazing! vs. Richard Farnswirth (A1E Warfare), The Sergeant vs. Phenomenal Frankie Scott (EPW Unleashed), NFW Survivor Series (NFW Crash TV Week 8), Doc Silver vs. Felix Red, NFW World Championship Match (Crash TV Week 9), ToC Round 2, Rich Rollins vs. Shanty Jones (GTT5 Final)

Card of the Year

5th place - NFW WrestleStock

When I said that this wasn't the best show for the West this season, it didn't mean it wasn't the best show this calendar year for them. It was. I liked the thunderstorm backdrop, and they had some pretty good matches. I expect another NFW show will probably take this one's spot before the year's out, but for now, this one's up there.

4th place - A1E Bloody New Year

I made mention at the number of screwy finishes, and while that was a problem, I still think that it was a well-written card, carried on the strength of Pier Six.

3rd place - ACW Holocaust

The ACW roster promised to make this show the best damn show it put out after the long hiatus. Well, it wasn't, but it was close. Damn close. The savagery of each match set the atmosphere perfectly. Plus the matches were all big epics and worked well.

2nd place - AWC Twilight of the Gods

Every match on the show was solid. There were some big feuds being contested, including the World Championship match, which was a great rematch. Plus the Back to School and Trivial Punishment matches. Great main, solid undercard, AWC card of the year so far.

Card of the Half-Year - ACW Legends II

For the same reasons as were listed in their FQ award description.

Honorable Mentions: A1E Vengeance, NFW Survivor Series, NFW Hulk-a-Thon, LVW Supershow on the Strip, ACW Honor and Glory, AWC Bloodlust, AWC Zero 2 Hero, LoC ...Or Die Trying

Tag Team of the Half-Year - The Best Friends/Highland Park Social Club (A1E, EPW)

Still the awardholder, but they're losing ground. Still, they have an A1E Tag Title, an EPW Tag Title shot in the balance, plus they've got a really interesting story going on in A1E.

Honorable Mentions: The A-List (PRIME), the Furious Fists of God (AWC), Dan Ryan and Big Dog (A1E), Blitz (EPW), Celestial Fury (AWC)

Rookie Characeter of the Half-Year - Garbage Bag Johnny (AWC)

He has yet to drop a match, won Zero 2 Hero and is in line for a Transatlantic Championship shot. One of the best gimmicks in the fed and one of the brightest new stars.

Honorable Mention: Drunken Tiger, El Gordo Grande, Manpower, Olvir Arsvinnar

Breakout Star of the Half-Year - D!

NAPW's best kept secret broke out huge and took the ToC title with authority. Most people didn't know before who he or NAPW was. Now they do, and that's a hell of an accomplishment.

Honorable Mention: Karl Brown, Ellis Nash, Anton Assault, Bryan Storms, Dean Matthews

Comeback Wrestler of the Half-Year - "Triple X" Sean Stevens

In his first match back, he won a battle royale laden with main-event level talent, and now, he's got a great shot to take the EPW World Championship. Add that to his CSWA exploits, and I think you get the comeback wrestler award, even though his comeback is short so far.

Honorable Mention: Darcy Crisis, Victor Molotov, Eli Flair, The Spoiler

Angle of the Year - The Stanislav Swerve

Just when you think it's safe to think the Russian Bear is coming to AWC... BANG! His Swerviness Mike Wade strikes again. Using Stanislav's impending free agency as a rouse, Wade said his peace against Unfuckable tag partner Adam Dick. It had me going WTF in my seat.

Honorable Mention: IrishRed's personal demons, James Irish, the clown prince crasher of EPW, That's not your girlfriend, it's Calypso, baby, Melton, Randalls, Riktor and the Sand Pirates, Spoiler and Hida vs. A1E

Feud of the Half-Year - Adam Dick vs. Jack Murphy

An intense and old-school feud over the simplest of things; Championship gold. They're two of the best in the fed, and two of the best in the whole PTC circuit, if not underrated in the flash of the big names like Stanislav, Rollins, Almasy and Curiosity.

Honorable Mentions: Andy Sharp vs. Seymour Almasy, Dan Ryan vs. Cameron Cruise, Mr. Amazing! vs. IrishRed, Jimmy Cain vs. Lord Lowell

Stable of the Half-Year - The A-List

They dominate titles and RP praise. They're among the most talked about things in PRIME this year, and who knows how long their domination will last.

Honorable Mention: Highland Park Social Club, The House of Lords, The Royal Court

Heel of the Half-Year - Mr. Amazing!

Mr. A!'s exudes heel heat. His promos generate nuclear heat, and his feud with IrishRed has put him in heel overdrive. He's only going to climb further up, seeing as he still has two more title levels to climb in A1E and a CoC shot in the wings. Speaking of which, go check out the TEAM forums and see his in-character promo in the sign-in thread.

Honorable Mentions: Troy Windham, Eddie Mayfield, Adam Dick, Andy Sharp, Calypso, Chip Friendly

Face of the Half-Year - Eli Flair

For many of hte same reasons given in his FQ award description.

Honorable Mentions: James Irish, Karl Brown, Lindsay Troy, D!, Andy Gilkison

Fed of the Half-Year - AWC

This was a tough choice. AWC and A1E are very tight right now. A1E, I feel, is more organic and their RPs in their style are a lot easier to read, whereas AWC has better matches. A1E's angles aren't as complex as AWC's, but segments tend to bring down AWC's shows. Still though, I give the nod to AWC because of the matchwriting, but this could change. Regardless, Hyde runs a tight ship, and the roster is top-notch, maybe the best in the PTC world.

Honorable Mentions: A1E, LoC, MCW, ACW, NAPW


BigDaddy said...

I'm really loving the stories we've got going on with the HPSC right now. Not only the external feuds, but also pulling the string on the Andy and Slambo stuff after a LONG build up. Should be a fun couple of months leading up to Golden Dreams.

Anonymous said...

Why does it bug me that I only saw Frankie Scott's name once? *shrugs* (mumbles something about 9 month old baby and overbearing job...)

Hyde said...

Go AWC! Next step: world domination.

Dan West said...

Thanks for the props, Tom (although I can think of at least one person who is definitely more involved in maintaining the health of the hobby than myself).

For the record I also do run Shadric the Dogboy in LVW and BG Bruce & Estaban in UCW. {Unless recognition of those characters would no longer qualify me for the award; in which case, I have no idea who those lame asses are.}

Jason Payne said...

Good list. With some luck...Jason Payne will make the list next time.

-thumbs up-

Tom Holzerman said...

Jason, I honestly think that if you keep going the way you're going in NFW, you'll make some kind of splash on the year-ends. I'm a fan :)

Joshua C. Ray said...

I am honored to have received the recognition that I got in the half year awards. I'd like to say that things are looking up for a big finish but everyone knows I've got some stuff going on right now that'll probably slow me down.

Drunken Tiger is DEFINITELY a character I hope to improve upon.

I still have plans to make Sergeant a more developed and successful character.

MCW should be given to the right hands completely by the end of this coming month.

Thanks again for the recognition!

Sam said...

badass work on the entire thing. Nice to read up on non-PTC stuff. Keep at it.