Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ultimate A1E: Second Round (Thomas and Bobo Brackets)

Alright, here's the results from last round. No close matches here at all. Nearly all of them were shutouts or one-voters.

Beast over Vreck
Hida over Kanna
Gilkie over Mr. I
Nemesys over Canuck
JA over Bellview
Duchess over LB
Chip over Druid
Necro over Hitman

Anyway, here's the second round matchups for the Thomas and Bobo brackets. GOnna double up here to keep things moving. Also, I've decided to advance both Snake and Eddie to the second round, and in grand wrestling style, there's a three-way dance here!

Allen Thomas Bracket

Housefly (1) vs. Drifter (8)

I think this match has happened in A1E before, no? Anyway, I've listed their credentials in the previous round, so let's do something different for this round.

Fly's greatest opponent: This is a toughie, but I think I'll choose Beast here because of the sheer length of their hostility. You could make arguments for 187, Andy or even Nemesys for Fly here, but I think Fly and Beast has happened so many times over the years and each time it didn't seem old or recycled.

Drifter's greatest opponent: Would you believe it's himself? Well, not himself himself, but Nemesys. Don't really remember a whole lot of memorable feuds for Drifter except for a good self-angle he had with Nemesys over Lilith

Torment (4) vs. Slambo the Clown (5)

This match could have happened in A1E before, maybe during TURF WARZ 2K5~!

Torment's greatest opponent: Definitely Beast... man, Beast's been in a ton of great feuds, hasn't he? Anyway, their Cyber Title feud back in the day was the stuff of legends.

Slambo's greatest opponent: Slambo's always been more internally driven than feud-driven. I guess I'd say Dog and Ryan combined, because the tag feud they've had (including Chip) over the last month has been pretty hot. Someday (soon?), this answer will be Chip Friendly though.

Richard Farnswirth (2) vs. The Spoiler (7)

This hasn't happened yet, but it's a wet-dream match waiting to happen.

Farns' greatest opponent: It's a tossup between JA and Lindsay Troy... in the interest of not trying to pump myself up here, I'll go with Troy, since their feud helped cement the Triple Star Championship's status in A1E lore.

Spoiler's greatest (A1E) opponent: James Irish, since it's really been his only real A1E opponent thus far. I could say Promo and AJ, but that feud flamed out before it could begin.

Steven Shane (3) vs. Dan Ryan (6)

Hasn't happened in A1E yet, probably won't either. But it's on Shane's wishlist of matches he wants to have :)

Shane's greatest opponent: James Irish. I'd have to say that even though Shane kinda owned the feud, the win-loss tally doesn't say enough for how hard James pushed him.

Ryan's greatest (A1E) opponent: I'd say Duchess, but he'll shoot me :) Nah, seriously, it's Haven. They have a great sub-feud going, and for the last few months, it's been a calculated game of cat and mouse, only much more violent. I guess they're having a calculated game of Itchy and Scratchy.

Professor Bobo Bracket:

Euclid (1) vs. Roderick McRatrick (8)

This match hasn't happened yet, although Dave would probably hate me more than he already does if it ever did :p

Euclid's greatest opponent: No doubt it's Big Dog. I mean, these two are inextricably linked, and I don't think E's had an opponent like Dog who pushed him and whom he pushed in twain.

Roderick's greatest opponent: Sanity? :p Nah, I think if I had to pick for Roddy, it would probably be Promo, since they had a good two-match series back a year or so ago. Roddy was never really good for feuds as much as he was for mini-series.

James Irish (4) vs. Liquid Snake (5) vs. Eddie Weston (12)

This match has never happened in this iteration, although I think James and Eddie faced off before... in fact, I know they did, with Eddie unsucessfully challenging for the TST.

James' greatest opponent: I could go with one of the guys for whom he's the greatest opponent... but I think the best answer here is IrishRed.

Snake's greatest opponent: JA.... I don't think this is debateable, unless you want to throw tag team considerations in. Then Beast would have a case. But really, this is the only time I would debate for myself.

Eddie's greatest opponent: This is also probably non-negotiable. Andy Gilkison so far has been Eddie's defining opponent.

Ken Cloverleaf (2) vs. Mikey F'n W (7)

This hasn't happened before, and I don't think it will barring some comebacks.

Ken's greatest opponent: Housefly, I'll guess. They had a pretty hot feud in the first part of 2005.

Mikey's greatest opponent: Xavier Storm. They had one of the great early feuds in A1E, a feud that helped define a fed early on in its existance.

Gladiator (3) vs. Mr. Amazing! (6)

This match hasn't happened yet, and unless Jarret b rings back Gladdy, it probably won't.

Gladiator's greatest opponent: Big Dog. This is not debatable.

Mr. A!'s greatest opponent: This is tough... I'd probably say either IrishRed or James Irish (either way, it's someone Irish!) Lands on heads, Red it is.


BigDaddy said...

Allen Thomas Bracket

Housefly vs. Drifter
Once again, Fly wins this one hands down. I'd suggest that Eight/Jimmy could be listed as Drifter's greatest opponent as well.

Torment vs. Slambo the Clown
Hmmm ... now you're starting to make me thing. That hurts. Torment has an impeccable resume, and Slambo is one of the best characters I've ever read. Have to give it to Torment in a nail-biter.

Richard Farnswirth vs. Spoiler
This would indeed be fun, but no vote here.

Steven Shane vs. Dan Ryan
This is a tough call, but keeping it strictly to A1E, I think I need to go with Shane. Give Ryan a couple more months and that might change though.

Professor Bobo Bracket

Euclid vs. Roderick McRatrick
Roddy has always been humorous, but Euclid would make quick work of him.

James Irish vs. Liquid Snake vs. Eddie Weston
As much as Eddie has impressed me over the last 6 months or so and Snake has the World Title on his resume, I have to go with James Irish on this one. I really love what James is doing, and I think he's done wonders developing both his own character as well as Erin Flanagan.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Mikey F'n W
Mikey is a foundation of early A1E, but Kenny made the biggest title in the fed his own for the better part of a year. The POS stands tall here.

Gladiator vs. Mr. Amazing
I am as big a fan of Mr. Amazing so far in his tenure at A1E as anyone, but I can't see putting him over Gladiator here. Glad redefined the tag team scene with BigDog, was an integral part of the Empire angle, and is the man responsible for ending BigDog's year long reign as World Champion. Max is your winner.

Dan West said...

Interesting that these two brackets made it thorugh the first round with the top halves all fully intact (and a #12 added in due to the draw). I suspect (hope?) there will be a few more upsets in this round.

Allen Thomas Bracket

Housefly vs. Drifter
When the A1E vidoe game comes out Housefly will be front and center on the face of the box. Drifter had a nice run; but, since it wasn't enough to win my vote in round against Torgo, it certainly won't enable me to put him over Fly right now.

Torment vs. Slambo the Clown
Tough call. Torment has acheived as much as anyone in A1E, but has battled bouts of inconsistency on several not to infrequent occassions. Slambo - IMO - is the exact opposite. I character that is consistently one of the best on every show he appears on but that has not received the nearly accolades he probably deserves. Slambo wins here for me.

Richard Farnswirth vs. Spoiler

I can't vore here, but Farns deserves to advance purely based on his longer and more accomplished tenure. A year from not, I'd like to thing that Spoils might merit a different outcome here. But it is not a year from now.

Side note: I'd probably put Spoilers top A1E feud as either Spoiler/Promo (which burned white hot while it lasted and did - contrary to popular memory - fully resolve) or Spoiler/Fly (which is currently on-going under the classic A1E slow burn.)

Steven Shane vs. Dan Ryan
Another tough call here. This match strikes me a lot like the Torment/Slambo draw. Shane has the lengthy title runs, but Ryan is just so constently solid. And - assuming I cannot vote a draw - I honestly might have to coin flip this on.

Tails. Sorry Shane. The money picked Ryan.

Professor Bobo Bracket

Euclid vs. Roderick McRatrick
As much as a love Roddy, he is not winning here. Euclid.

James Irish vs. Liquid Snake vs. Eddie Weston
James has become one of the most consistent joys for me to read anywhere in the efed world. He settles the Snake/Weston draw from the first round by eliminating them both fairly easily.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Mikey F'n W
Kenny and Mikey had eeirly similar runs in A1E, starting out slowly and withless success that they probably deserved before hitting their strides and grabing the gold. Difference being, Mikey grabbed the tag belts and Kenny grabbed the tag belts and then followed it up with the World. Kenny wins clean.

Gladiator vs. Mr. Amazing
This match is a lot like Farnswirth/Spoiler in that a year from now the result could be very different. And - although I missed a large stretch of Gladiators run as World Champ - the fact remains that he did have a nice run with the Big Fiery belt taht cannot be ignored. Gladdy gets the reluctant duke here.

AndyGilkie said...

Housefly vs. Drifter

I see Housefly making it to the finals of this thing. Honestly. Drifter is just not in the guy's league.

Torment vs. Slambo The Clown

This is the toughest match to pick a winner for so far. I think I am going to pick Slambo to win though, just by the skin of my teeth.

Richard Farnswirth vs. The Spoiler

Like Dan said. Farnswirth wins this due to the longer and more accomplished A1E career. He would likely win due to HPSC interferance, but he advances nonetheless.

Steven Shane vs. Dan Ryan

I am going with Shane here, because Ryan just hasn't done as much as Shane has thus far. In a year from now, that might change though. But for now, the Sensational One picks up another W.

Euclid vs. Roderick McRatrick

This is like Tick vs. Housefly from the first round. Not even a contest. Euclid makes quick work of the poor bastard.

James Irish vs. Liquid Snake vs. Eddie Weston

Another tough match to pick. Snake did something no one could do way back when (defeat Housefly for the belt). Eddie beat me for the Cyber belt when no one else could either. But I will have to say James has more upside then Eddie long term, and Snake simply flamed out after one big accomplishment. James wins this.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Mikey F'n W

Both men started out at the same level. But Kenny continued to rise, while Mikey left the fed. Kenny wins here.

Gladiator vs. Mr. Amazing

Gladiator wins this in a tougher match than he expected it to be. Mr. Amazing hasn't done nearly as much as Gladiator has... yet.

Anonymous said...

Housefly over Drifter in a fairly quick match leaving Housefly wanting more.

In an absolutely brutal bloodfest Torment walks away with the win but needs an immediate transfusion.

Farnsy walks away with the Duke after Ken Cloverleaf wipes out Spoiler's knees from behind and declares himself the new Force of nature.

Steven Shane pulls off the upset win and because of a pre match stipulation The Sensational one gets to run EPW for one month.

Euclid DESTROYS Roddy who is never heard from again.

James Irish comes to battle with Erin in tow. Snake is busy calling out JA and Eddie is sulking. James win's.

Ken beats the hell out of's not pretty when Mikey spits up teeth and pushes his eyeball back into the socket.

In an upset Mr. Amazing wins following interferance by both Big Dog, Mr Outstanding, Beast and Nemmysys.

Beast said...

Housefly vs. Drifter

Not even close. Housefly's a legend.

Torment vs. Slambo The Clown

A couple of great characters, but Torment's resume gives him the win here.

Richard Farnswirth vs. The Spoiler

Like others have said, ask me about this a year from now. Right now, Farnsy's just done so much more for A1E.

Steven Shane vs. Dan Ryan

Same as above. We'll see how many titles Ryan has won a year from now, but Shane's tag team dominance puts him over.

Euclid vs. Roderick McRatrick

No contest. The teacher gets the big squash. Although I'm sure Roderick would twist it to make it sound spectacular.

James Irish vs. Liquid Snake vs. Eddie Weston

Snake was a one shot deal, pretty much, outside of his tag reign. Eddie's close, but doesn't quite have the experience. Give this one to James in a squeaker.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Mikey F'n W

Mikey just wasn't around long enough to match what Kenny did.

Gladiator vs. Mr. Amazing

Not going to vote for my own match, but the resume doesn't lie. As others have said, this one's also one of those "ask me next year" matches. Without a doubt I think Mr. A will surpass anything Gladiator did.

James Irish said...

Fly vs Drifter - What else can be said? Fly wins.

Torment vs Slambo - Gahhhh... oh, this is tough. *flips a coin* Slambo wins.

Farnswirth vs Spoiler - Based on their current work, Spoiler is looking long in the tooth. Fanrswirth has hit his stride, though. Farns wins.

Steven Shane vs Dan Ryan - Jeez, another tough one. Steven Shane's record in A1E stands tall. Dan's can only get better. I'll say Steven Shane for now.

Euclid vs McRatrick - My heart screams McRatrick, but my mind and gut say Euclid. 2 out of 3... Euclid wins.

Me vs Snake vs Eddie - my match, no vote

Kenny vs Mikey - Ken's got a lot going for him. Mikey... not so much. Ken wins.

Gladiator vs Amazing - I'm actually going to give this to Mr Amazing. If we can vote for Hida based on his potential future, we can vote for Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Housefly vs. Drifter

Housefly in another walk.

Torment vs. Slambo

No vote, but I'm glad it's close.

Farnsy vs. Spoiler

It's an A1E Tourney, so Farns gets the solid win.

Shane vs. Ryan

I'm gonna go with Ryan here. Shane's resume is more impressive, but I can't recall any of his stuff really standing out to me while Ryan puts up memorable work every week.

Euclid vs. McRatrick

Euclid wins but Roddy makes it fun.

Irish vs. Snake vs. Weston

Gotta go with James. Snake's achievements are from the dark ages and I doubt he'd be as successful in the environment James has flourished in. Eddie has cooled, settling back into old habits after a strong run for a couple months.

Cloverleaf vs. Mikey

Gotta go with Ken.

Glad vs. MrA!

No vote.


Dan said...

Housefly v. Drifter

It has to be tough when you go against quite possibly the greatest A1E character of all time. Housefly wins.

Torment vs. Slambo the Clown

This is an excellent matchup between two of the A1E's greatest, and probably the best matchup on the card so far. Torment has a laundry list of accolades including a World Title run. It's been said, but Slambo doesn't get the respect he deserves, and might easily be one of the top 5 characters of all time with his similar resume as well, only the clown's doesn't include a World Title, but he was on a 2 year hiatus if I'm correct on the timeframe. Gotta go with Slambo in a squeaker.

Richard Farnswith v. The Spoiler

If this was an MBE Tournament, The Spoiler would win hands down. But a monster Triple Star title reign followed by two world title reigns puts Farnswirth on top.

Dan Ryan v. Steven Shane

Dan Ryan has really found his A1E groove in his second stint. I actually thought he was at a nice stride at the end of his first stint. Shane had two tag title reigns, a giant Cyber reign, and was inches away from winning the World Title, probably about as close as anybody can get, taking arguably the best world champion in A1E history to the limit. I would love to see a match between the Steven Shane who took Euclid to a World Title draw vs. Dan Ryan in maybe a month and a half or two. (Hell, or even now) Again, maybe in a few months Dan Ryan would win, but in strictly A1E this goes to Shane now.

Euclid v. Roderick McRatrick

As excellent as Roderick was and as much of a fresh air his threads, and comedy brought to the Triple Star division, and A1E in general, Euclid was, as stated above, one of the greatest world champions in A1E history.

James Irish v. Liquid Snake v. Eddie Weston

Wow, another extremely close match. I entered A1E just when Snake got hot and actually when I first entered he was my favorite character. Tons of potential but I believe it was two no shows that led to his demise with the title, and the marvelous run that began with the tournament ended. James Irish has been spot on with excellent feuds with Shane, and I personally had some extremely fun matches against "Jimmy Jam" ;-). I didn't get to see Eddie capture the Cyber because that's when I left so I can't really judge his writing, but James has been the most consistent of the three, and a bonafied World Title contender. James gets the win.

Ken Cloverleaf v. Mikey F'n W

Can't vote on this one

Gladiator v. Mr. Amazing

I've been catching some of Mr. Amazing's work, and I've really enjoyed it as he is becoming one of my favorite current characters in A1E. He would need an excellent year to even catch up with what Gladiator brought to the federation in terms of his mammoth title reign and the importance of the Empire Angle to A1E history as a whole. Although I really enjoy Mr. Amazing right now, I have to go with Gladiator.

Keep up the good work on the blogs's been fun to read. Take Care.


Lindz said...

Housefly vs. Drifter
Drifter never really got his feet under him. He had the good feud with the TST and was a member of the Empire, but Fly's always been solid. He gets it.

Torment vs. Slambo the Clown
Slambo's the much better character, but Torment's done more.

Richard Farnswirth vs. Spoiler
Farnsy, for pretty much the reasons everyone else has said.

Steven Shane vs. Dan Ryan
Damnit. I really want to put Ryan over here. REALLY, REALLY want to. But I can't, because as much as Brunk's dominated with him, Shane's just got the titles and the tenure over him.

Euclid vs. Roderick McRatrick
Sorry, Tom, Roddy's hysterical but E's just done more.

James Irish vs. Liquid Snake vs. Eddie Weston
I wasn't around for Snake, but I can say that I've had a drink in an English pub with him two years ago. ;) Eddie's never wowed me whereas James is great and so is Erin.

Ken Cloverleaf vs. Mikey F'n W
Kenny, because Mikey's before my time.

Gladiator vs. Mr. Amazing
Gladiator, because of tenure and titles.

Tom Holzerman said...

Housefly/Drifter - Once again, Fly's resume should lift him to the Final Four at the very least. Drifter was a nice character but doesn't have the chops to even hold Fly's dirty ring towel.

Torment/Slambo - This match is very close. Torment has accomplished more. It can be argued that he's had the best Cyber and Tag reigns in A1E history. But I think Slambo's a far better character. And I also think that if Slambo was afforded the opportunity, he'd have run away with the titles that Torment got too. For example, last year's Pier Six... I thought Slambo should have won that going away. The ensuing Slambo/Kenny program would have been aces. Bill plays such a great role with Slambo that it transcends titles, and that's why I'm voting him.

Farnswirth/Spoiler - For the reasons everyone else has stated.

Shane/Ryan - Another really tough match. I'm voting Ryan here along similar lines that I voted for Slambo... this is no slight against Shane, but the Shane character never clicked on the same level that Ryan has. Plus, I feel before it's all said and done, Ryan will be one of the most decorated A1E stars of all time.

Euclid/Roderick - Because I can't stand to see poor Roddy get shut out.

James/Snake/Eddie - Once again, no slight on James here, but Snake was one of my favorite characters ever to work with, and I still think his run back then compares very favorably, especially with the people he beat along the way. I'm not sure anyone else has approached that kind of hot streak... well maybe Chip has at some point, but Chip's not in this match, is he? :p

Kenny/Mikey - I almost threw Mikey a sympathy vote, but Roddy got that in this bracket :p

Gladiator/Mr. A! - I guess this is reverse of my votes in the Slambo and Ryan matches... plus I was always a mark for Gladiator, especially when facing off against him as Suleimon and seeing his interactions with Big Dog.