Thursday, May 25, 2006

A few quick hits

- First up in the queue is Jarret and his blog. He's posted a must-read entry for everyone. Not just A1E and MBE alums (although it will be more topical to you), but to EVERYONE. He makes some really good points in there that if you took out the letters (and number) A1E and inserted your fed's acronym in there, it's pertinent.

Frankly, I believe everyone in the hobby would benefit from returning to a more organic state of e-wrestling, especially in light of all the ugliness that sprung from one person over at PTC taking this thing so seriously that he felt the need to cheat to win and everyone else who got into an uproar over it. REad this entry. Absorb it, even if this is the first time you've ever heard of A1E at all.

- Speaking of PTC, the roundtable is still on. I've decided on my tenative panel so far. As per Hyde's request, he's been replaced by Andy Hewitt. Anyway, here's my full panel of seven:

Lindz, Katz, Andy, Jeff Ward (Angelo Deville), Phil (PKA, HSW's fedhead), Kat (Shadow of GCW) and either RJ or Pete of PTC's administrative panel

If neither RJ nor Pete want to be involved, then I'll contact someone else who has expressed interest. If you weren't selected, don't take it personally. I want to keep the panel on the smaller side (I think seven might even be pushing it), and if you'd like, I'll keep you first on the list for future roundtables (which will no doubt include lighter topics than plagiarism).

- I am aware that A1E's posted Vengeance. I'm sorry for not posting a link to this sooner. I feel really shitty about it, and I hope you guys don't think I did that because I lost the title. I've just been swamped with other e-fed related shit, like the controversy over at PTC, getting the troops rallied for my own ToC and other stuff I won't get into. I'll read it in full tonight and post a proper review of it.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, excellent. I love everyone else on the panel and it would be an honour to participate.


Russel David said...

Funtastic looking town hall you've got prepared. I'm looking forward to what has to be said. I've had an interesting relationship with plagarism, first as a dumb kid who liked Pulp Fiction a bit to much, and second as a victim in the Cyberslam circle of all things.

Oh, so long ago. heh

Though yeah, should be a nice read... oh and on other things, is ToC in suspended animation, I tried to buck up and get some round one and round two things up at the same time a few days ago and ENN looks to be dead, and still seems to be in suspended animation in the last days of the new round one deadline. Nod. This is what I get for shuffling my feet for to long. ;)

Speaking of round tables, look to get bugged about a VS tournament retrospective and look towards the final four this week, Holzerman.

Later days.