Friday, April 21, 2006

The Ultimate A1E Tournament

I may be known as the e-fed maven right now. I may be international, and I might just have a presence across the big communities. But everyone has a home fed, and my home fed is A1E. Despite all the differences I've had with the brass there, I know that at the end of the day, there's one fed that I've been with and followed since almost the very beginning.

So, while the Mark VS. Tournament is all the rage right now (and if you haven't voted at FW, PTC and EWN... what the hell are you waiting for?), it's a very ambitious project that I wouldn't even begin to be able to compile if only because my depth of knowledge for any fed outside of A1E and MBE is relatively shallow.

But I still love the idea of fantasy tournaments like that. So what I'm going to do is throw this idea out there:

The Ultimate A1E Tournament

While a lot of the main players have stayed the same, there have been quite a number of characters pass through the A1E roster, a lot of names who might evoke strong mark-out moments to A1E lifers, but not register a thing to someone who wasn't there from the beginning. And conversely, legends from other feds aren't always going to make it to superstardom in The Last Vote-Fed Standing.

So, for A1E lifers like Phil, Roger, Dan, Jarret and the rest of you, this tournament would be a great spark for debate (or at least debate with me on my skewed viewpoint for the seeding), and for guys who don't know a thing about A1E, like my PTC homeys, it will be a great introduction to our characters, angles, stories and whatnot.

So here's how the tourney is going to work. I'm going to compile a field of 64 of A1E's essential characters, and I'm going to post them in brackets here. Then, we'll have matchups, and in grand A1E fashion, you, the blog readers, will decide who wins... but it won't just be "vote and done." Give reasons and debate choices with other choosers. Let's get some insight into A1E's characters and history, because it's too rich a fed for most of the e-fedding world to be kept in the dark about.

I'll post brackets this weekend or next week at the latest.

(as a side note... man, I'm tournament crazy, aren't I?)


Joshua C. Ray said...

Sounds like fun... I am looking forward to seeing how who is in it and who will match up with whom.

Dan said...

Just out of curiousity. Is this going to be A1E exclussive or A1 circuit?

Tom Holzerman said...

A1E exclusive. I'll do the Ultimate MBE Tournament after this.

Jeffrey Paternostro said...

You better be consulting me on your MBE bracketoloy, mister.