Thursday, April 20, 2006

CSWA LIVES~! and a new league to cover

First things first, PRIMETIME POOLJAM from Miami is finally up. Chad posted a note in the CSWA fan forum explaining things, and hopefully, this at least leads to a semblance of a comeback with a degree of permanence.

The show itself was pretty good. The swerve at the end of the Randalls/TIMMAH~! match was pretty good, and HOLY CLUSTERFUCKAGE~! with the main event, lots and lots of stuff going on here. But one thing's for certain. Congratulations are in order for Kin Hiroshi on becoming the CSWA United States Champion! Good to see one of the underrated stars on the circuit get some recognition.

Also accompanying this was the debut edition of Versus, which is the proposed RP card. For now, it's just the RPs in the forum put together in show format, but hopefully, if they can get this thing running like they want it to, I think it'll actually be a great thing.

Finally in the queue today, New Alberta Pro Wrestling is the newest addition to the blog family of feds. They're not a brand new fed, but they are the first fed to get some play on here that isn't part of the A1/FW/ENN, EWN or PTC spheres of influence, although they do make great use of the FW front page. I actually checked them out, and they have some pretty good RPers, a good short-form results system going for them, and they're sending two guys to the ToC... D! and Ravager. So check 'em out if you get the chance, they get the thumbs up.


NAPW Pres said...

Much appreciated, sir. I look forward to seeing what Diego & Allan can do outside NAPW in this tournament.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props, man. This mean I can enter into the ToC? :)


Tom Holzerman said...

Indeed it does. Does this mean the Muffin Man is throwing his hat into the ring?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes it does.