Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Ultimate A1E Seeding Announcement!

After careful deliberation, I, with the help of the rest of A1E, have come up with the final seedings for this little tournament. Without further ado...

The Ultimate A1E Tournament

The Allen Thomas Regional

Housefly (1) vs. The Tick (16)
Drifter (8) vs. Torgo (9)
Torment (4) vs. Pharaoh (13)
Slambo the Clown (5) vs. Metal (12)
Richard Farnswirth (2) vs. Lady Rebellion (15)
The Spoiler (7) vs. Freakfish (10)
Senstational Steven Shane (3) vs. Chameleon (14)
Dan Ryan (6) vs. AJ Cirrus (11)

The Professor Bobo Regional

Euclid (1) vs. FATSEXY (16)
Roderick McRatrick (8) vs. Hayt (9)
James Irish (4) vs. Dam Skippy (13)
Snake (5) vs. Eddie Weston (12)
Ken Cloverleaf (2) vs. Reaper (15)
Mikey F'n W (7) vs. Xavier Storm (10)
Gladiator (3) vs. Freakshow (14)
Mr. Amazing! (6) vs. Haven (11)

The Captain Suleimon Regional

Big Dog (1) vs. Suicidal Killer (16)
Cannibal (8) vs. IrishRed (9)
Lindsay Troy (4) vs. BC Steele (13)
Cross (5) vs. Zer0 (12)
Prisoner 187 (2) vs. ChessMaster (15)
Lucifer (7) vs. Leatherface (10)
Mr. Hyde (3) vs. Kayafaber (14)
Damon Blackburn (6) vs. Eight (11)

The Moron Bros. Regional

Beast (1) vs. Vreck Stone (16)
Kanna Kirishima (8) vs. Hida Yakamo (9)
Andrew Gilkison (4) vs. Mr. Incredible (13)
Nemesys (5) vs. Canuck (12)
Jericoholic Anonymous (2) vs. Jeffrey Bellview (15)
Duchess (7) vs. Londonboy (10)
Chip Friendly (3) vs. Druid (14)
Necromancer (6) vs. Canadian Hitman (11)

There's your field. Voting on select matchups will begin Monday.


Joshua C. Ray said...

I always have to comment on your blog entries... I just can't help myself.

Anyways... nice idea that should be really interesting to see how it turns out. I plan on voting, but only on those that I'm pretty sure I can make educated decisions about.

BigDaddy said...

I think it turned out pretty good. Don't see a ton of potential upsets in here, but there are definitely some that would have made for interesting reading. The next round will really jazz things up.