Thursday, April 27, 2006

Odds and Ends

Happy 150th post! w00t~!

- Superstar Vince Jacobs is back and he's in LoC. Huge, huge coup for Dan's fed. Once again, this proves that e-fed retirements are almost never permanent, which bodes well for those of us holding out for the return of Gregg Gethard.

- Jeff Bolichowski resigned as MCW fedhead. I'm not surprised by this, but I'm very glad he decided to keep the fed open in different hands rather than close it. In case you don't know, Karl Brown and Josh Ray have taken control. I like that combination a lot. Karl's been around MCW in its previous incarnation, and Josh has a great exuberance and enthusiasm that any fedhead should have.

- Not suprisingly, the number of folks I have so far for the ToC are concentrated from a few feds. Surprisingly, those feds aren't the usual suspects. Well, one of them hails from a fed you could call usual; EPW has sent all three of its current Champions, which is a virtual 100% compliance, given that Jarret's on hiatus and thusly won't be entering Beast (although I'm sure he would if he had the time... Jarret's always been a big supporter of projects like these). But the other three... well, I'm surprised, but it's a pleasant surprise. First up in the queue is PRIME, a fed that's sending four of its eligible superstars (Vangelus Olsig, Danny Ferguson, Kyle Lamen, Karina Wolfenden). To get a turnout such as that from a fed as prestigious as PRIME... I'm flattered. Next up is another PTC fed sending four, FUSE. They're sending Mikael Lundgard, John Covel, Tigera and Damien Cruz. Finally, there's NAPW, who's really responded to this tournament, sending D!, Devastation, Bayman Jakey and Ravager. Now, that's not to say other feds haven't stepped up. The CSWA and AWC have both sent two, as has ACW. And we have a smattering of guys signing up from odd feds too. So right now, I do have the cross-pollenation I wanted. I'm very pleased so far, and hopefully, the RPing and judging will go off like I want them too.


Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to this thing getting started. You said RP'ing starts on the 8th or that still a go?

On a (admittedly minor) aside, it's Chandler Tsonda...not D-Ferg.


Tom Holzerman said...

You're right. I didn't catch that mistake until now. It is Chandler Tsonda.

But yeah, tenatively, everything's set for the 8th, with some all the pertinent info set to come out between now and then. By the way, I'm going to need your (and everyone's) e-mail address for this so I can send out timely updates and stuff.

Anonymous said...

You should have it on my confirmation email. :) If you need it again, just lemme know.

Joshua C. Ray said...

MCW! MCW! MCW! haha, just joking.

Looking forward to helping operate this tourney. Let me know when you have a standard for judging.

Beast said...

Dude, if it was any other time, I'd be IN~! faster than an American GI on shore leave in Thailand. But, I'm just in the middle of packing and trying to sell my house, so it's not good timing. I'm looking forward to the next one, though!