Friday, March 03, 2006

A smattering of stuff

- Boda from PRIME has recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and is undergoing treatments for it. Please keep him in your thoughts and/or prayers (if you're religious), because cancer's no joke.

- Speaking of cancer being no joke, the stupid douches from Steelramp who post on EWN, posted this attention whoring post. A slap in the face to anyone who has suffered from cancer or who has had a love one suffer or die from it. Dave_W should be banned. So should anyone associated with that stupid Steelramp bullshit. It's that simple.

- Over at ENN, there was some rumbling about the results of the awards from Edmunds. The exact quote was, "I think the results are pretty indicative of who voted, not of who deserved to win..." I actually think the quote is correct in a way, that the results are indicative of who voted, but I disagree where he says the winners weren't deserving. I mean, any vote is indicative of who votes. I'm sure that when Russ finally posts his Mark Awards, Lindsay Troy being unmasked as Dis won't win his Moment of the Year, even though I think it was the best thing to happen in any fed all year. That doesn't mean his awards are bogus, it just means most of the voters probably don't follow EPW. Honestly, I don't think we should begrudge folks for not following every fed. Not everyone is a fedwhore like I am, and not everyone has a shitload of freetime like I have now (although starting my new, fulltime job next week might cut down on that...). So they'll vote for what they know. And if they only know A1E, EPW and UCW, then they shouldn't be ripped when they don't vote NFW or CSWA stuff over the stuff they know.

- The forums over at PTC got a new addition. Promotional forums! I think this is an awesome idea. There are so many possibilities for fed-advertising, trash talk and other stuff, both in character and out. Although I do have a bone to pick with them banning Joe Schmidt over in-character stuff. Seriously, if you open up trash talk, you have to let more leeway than in regular posts. Seriously, Joe got a raw deal. FREE THE FACE EATER! FREE THE FACE EATER!

- Speaking of PTC, congratulations to Rich Rollins and Shanty Jones for their GTT5 semifinal wins. Big ups to Andy Hewitt, Shanty's handler, for making the GTT final table two years in a row with two different characters. Should be a barnburner of a final matchup. Also, apologies to Seymour Almasy/Sean WIlliams, whom I'm sure I jinxed by giving him Wrestler of the Month.

- If you're looking for an amusing read, check out this ACW RP which really isn't an RP, but is a faux-IM conversation. If you've ever had someone random bug you over IM to join their fed, you'll laugh your ass off at this.

- Finally, here's to hoping there are no more server mishaps for ENN. It's a truly prromising site, and it houses perhaps one of the most promising feds out there in UCW. Jenkins, Scifo and Shane Carnes don't deserve to have these problems plauge them in their respective growths.


Anonymous said...

I actually think Sean's statement about "I think the results are pretty indicative of who voted, not of who deserved to win..." isn't so much against the people who won, but reminding us that although some people won awards, it doesn't make them actually the best in that category - it just means the people who voted prefered their stuff over the stuff from the others who made it to that list of nominees.

Anonymous said...


Some people think NFW should've won league of the year. I think any NFW voters we had on those forums voted for EPW. So yes, the voting process on ENN is indicative of who's voting there. Just like ACW/fWo/LoC will overshadow Russ' Mark Awards. Just like NFW does good on FWC polls usually.

...but isn't that the point of the awards? To congratulate the peers you feel deserve the accolades?

That's all it is...that's all it ever is. The day I see ACW run amok on ENN awards, I'll take a spoon and scoop out my own eye and fling it into the ocean.

--Must Die