Friday, March 03, 2006

A retraction

After hearing the other side of the story, I have to apologize to the PTC mods for coming out so strongly and implicitally accusing them of being ├╝ber-strict tightwads.

I still disagree with the banning, because banning should be reserved for the true assholes, but some discipline had to have been taken. Maybe removing the post or locking the thread. I don't know.

But yeah, my apologies to the PTC guys, although Joe, you're still my boy.


the face said...

screw that shit. you're either with me or against me, Holzerman!

Anonymous said...

A 3 time out is NOT a banning.


Ross said...


Banning IS reserved for true assholes. The number of people banned from PTC at this time I can literally count on one hand.

This was a fairy tap on the wrist to remind him that it is a requirement to play nice on my boards.

It saddens me that he and everyone else with an opinion has made this into some big deal. Reminds me exactly how easily a few drama queen e-heels can kill of a good thing very quickly.