Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shows and stuff, plus A few of my favorite characters -- UCW

First thing's first heeyah, the blog has made a splash over at the PRIME forums, specifically, the post about death in e-feding. Really cool of Sebastian (their fedhead) to put this up for discussion on their boards and give me the free advertising. Love discussion and advertising, that I do.

Anyway, some more shows I have to report to you, first off, this is kinda late, but as the Offical LVW Mark of the Blog World, I have to put up a link to Prelude, their last show before crowning the first ever LVW World Heavyweight Champion (and Las Vegas Champion too). Good read, Ybok and Stanton haven't put out a card that I haven't enjoyed yet.

Next up, an NFW Double Feature! Crash TV! Midnight Madness! Fun for everyone! Pay special attention to the East show and an angle featuring Maggot... I crave feedback for it!

Finally, we get to the ENN Awards show, which was put together very nicely by Lindsay and everyone who contributed. Once again, I want feedback on JA's opening monologue.

Alright, now to the meat of the post... the last one of these favorite wrestler entries for an active fed, and that active fed is Ultimate Championship Wrestling, which is in a slight state of flux right now due to ENN's server troubles. I'm sure they'll get right back on track though. Once again, in no particular order...

Cameron Cruise Cruise is in like a million different feds, doing a million different things, but he seems to be clicking best in UCW. His feud with Dan Ryan is so old-school... and really, that's what attracts me to it. It's refreshing to find in a sea of everyone trying to outsmart themselves there are two characters who understand the basics of wrestling.

Dan Ryan See above.

BG Bruce 400 pounds and very homosexual... not many people would be able to pull that off, but in all fairness, not many people would have the balls to handle this character. It's more proof that Dan West may be the greatest e-fedder ever.

The First When I first read this character, I was skeptical of where Stanton was going to take him, but it turned out very well. Honestly, he was the best choice to hold the UCW Title first, kinda to give the fed a personality and to make a statement that, hey, this isn't just another retread fed. We have our own homegrown stars, and they're pretty good.

Damon Blackburn I'll flat-out admit that I didn't like the Damon character in A1E. However, Roger's playing the character very well here, and I really like the angle and character being played, especially since UCW is seen as the closest fed to A1E on the market outside of EPW.


Anonymous said...

I remember when you liked me.


Tom Holzerman said...

Hey, only one fed per character. You got your props for EPW :p