Saturday, March 11, 2006

Holy shit, a giant entry

Working two jobs, one of them being full-time, is a bitch, and it totally cuts into e-fedding time. I'm really sorry I haven't found more time to update this thing, but fear not, loyal readers. I am not abandoning it, and I have no plans to, actually.

Even as I have less time to do stuff, there are still plenty of things to say about the world of e-fedding. A lot of news, controversy, you name it, we have it this week. Hopefully, this won't become a strictly weekly thing, but I hope you guys understand. I have a lot going on.

Anyway, onto the entry for today.

First up, we have a new addition to the e-fed blogring, which really is just Jeff Paternostro's blog moved from ENN's old site to Blogspot. Once again, I ask you visit him and read what he has to say from time to time. It's always good to have different voices in the e-fed community, because if I were the only one dispensing opinions, things would be dull.

Next up, I kinda hinted at something big and new coming up in the e-fed queue with my last entry, and The Big Bolich finally announced it this week. Major Championship Wrestling is coming back in a new form. Jeff brought the fed back as a place where unproven and new characters in the e-fedding world can come to make a name for themselves. Anyone who has won a World Championship anywhere on the FW circuit or in A1E or MBE cannot join. It's an ambitious idea given the propensity for some handlers not to create new characters, but it's an idea worth getting behind. Once again, as with FMLL, I really can't dedicate any time to handle in it, but I fully endorse it, and I will follow its growth on this blog.

Speaking of Bolich, I've recently heard that some pretty disparaging things were said about him as a fedhead. Basically, I've heard that some folks were saying he has no idea how to run a fed and they even said some pretty hurtful personal things towards him. Well, everyone has their faults. We all know that Jeff at times loses passion for e-fedding and can disappear into retirement, which hurts the feds he's in as a handler. As a fedhead, if he does that, it could mean disaster. HOWEVER, when he has the drive and the passion for the hobby, he is an outstanding handler and fedhead. You only need to look at his time running EPW as a testimony. I can honestly say that EPW wouldn't be what it is right now without Bolich's early guidance, and to say otherwise is petty disparagement.

Now, over in the NFW universe, it seems like the big week 8 interconference shebang has developed a case of the shoots. In both big matches, shooty sidebars have broken out. First there was the Survivor Series match where Stanton and Steve went off on a sidebar about CSWA history. This was relatively innocuous, or at least it seemed so. I haven't gotten the chance to speak to Steve or Mike about whether there were any deep-seated problems being manifested, so until I do, I can only assume that it was just historical posturing.

The other incident seemed to carry far more venom. In the Hulk-A-Thon tournament, Paul Miller and Brunk had an aside based off recent heat. Basically, everything stems from Miller's repeated shots at EPW and EPW booking in his promos and Brunk lashing out in defense of his promotion.

In either case, whether harmless or cancerous, you have to ask yourself the question... what do shoots like these accomplish? It's well-known that Mike McNichols, one of NFW's bookers, hates seeing the use of what's happened in other feds as a basis for your promos in NFW. So if you know that, why even go there? Why bring the CSWA into the equation at all? Or why keep taking the shots at EPW? It's counterproductive to the goal at hand, and that's to build for the match in NFW for that week.

Honestly, the only person I don't find much fault in with this is Brunk. Although he might have been best served not to have taken that road and just ignored it, he has a great amount of pride in his fed, as well he should. Honestly, the uneasiness could have been avoided had he taken the high road, but to tell someone they should take the high road and ignore the comments to someone who has to read/see/hear negative comments about who he is or what he does is really hypocritical, unless you yourself either have no pride in what you do, or are completely one with the universe and do not feel any reaction in your body or brain when someone badmouths something you do.

And while we're on the subject of EPW booking... they have a female character as their World Champion. So what, get over it. We don't need to hear about it in every promo when facing someone associated with the fed. You don't have to agree with it, but at least respect it enough not to sully up someone else's fed with it when you should be promoting a match.

Now I think I blew a fuse in my brain and I need to take a break. Fear not though, I have a few more ideas for entries today. So hopefully, Edmunds, you won't have to post another comment about where I've been hiding ;)


Anonymous said...

-swoons- OMG HE PUT MY NAME IN A POST!!! :)

Bolich said...

Now if only Merritt would show up and make my damn forums.

Anonymous said...

The EPW situation in NFW is completely my fault. I should've nipped it in the bud from the first promo. At first, it seemed like they were having fun with it...obviously, that isn't the case now.


Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong when you say it doesn't promote the match at hand. Dan Ryan in the storylines runs Empire and Jonathan Marx is suppose to be an old school wrestling curmudgeon always bringing up how people are ruining wrestling. It fits perfectly. Marx's character too is suppose to be a Gentleman so for him to lay a fist or to engage in violence against a woman is like Felix Red going straight edge. It doesn't fit his character.


Dave said...

That's weird, Paul. I seem to remember you dogging Beast's roleplays in WFW because he brought up other feds in his promos.

Hypocrite much?

Anonymous said...

How about we not bring this thing across all continents like World War 25?

That'd be nice. :)


Dave said...

You're right, Sean. I asked Tom to delete my post almost immediately after I wrote it. He just wasn't fast enough.

Anonymous said...

The Melton/Silver rps on my end were harmless, and I imagine on Stanton's as well.

I think as a fedhead you hate when other promotions are mentioned. When i read promos cross-referencing I want to slit my wrists, but yet, i do it too. So there you go. Manson hates it, but he threw the CSWA in one of his promos in week 8 as well.

It most every case it's always done to beat your chest, "this is what i've done recently..." In this game our characters are all Gods and have headlined 10 promotions, and if you're a fedhead...rarely do you create a league that uses reality in terms of where you'd be booking shows in year one or two of your promotion. I like Bolich's idea of welcoming unproven talent. Hopefully, he'll book in high school gyms, or have less than sell-out crowds to add to the fun.

Point the game of onesupmanship... it's easy to draw on other feds/history.

But, generally I try to stay away from and dislike..."Well i beat you here in league B, what makes you think you can beat me in league c?" As in Beast did to Melton in their last EPW match. Our A1E match was thrown in, etc. etc. Not knocking Beasts' handler, really, it's just not a personal taste of mine.

I'm as guility as anyone though, but I vow to watch my rps in the future and cut out cross-promoting ;) It can be done!

As far as 'shooting.' I agree with Katz. It's hard to know when someone has crossed the line and when they're having fun with it. I'm of the Dino Prodigy era, so having your league bashed and shooting OORP-IC was part of the fun...until it got too old. bout them Tar Heels?

Anonymous said...

Taken from my email to Beast...

Begin email...

"This is why you lost...

""The Canadian Who Flirted With Success" is more correctly "The Canadian That Could". I held that EPW title for 10 months, Melton. What did you do in EPW?"

"Who was on top of EPW when all the critics were praising the new company for putting out a great wrestling product? Who was the main draw when everyone started ranting and raving about how good EPW was? Who's name was on the marquee when everyone came to the shows? Who was the MAN, Joey, when everyone turned on the teevee to see who the EPW World Heavyweight Champion in this grand new federation? Who has sold enough tshirts to build a large FORTRESS from, Joseph?"

Saying that if you didn't do things in Empire that it doesn't mean **** does not go well in leagues outside of Empire ;-> I got three or four IMs from OTHER people who were reading the thread who thought you went off the deep end so it wasn't just me.

End of email...


Anonymous said...

As for mentioning other leagues, if is perfectly acceptable to mention anything that happened in IWF, GLCW, BAD, or WWL or happens in NEW & NFW in WFW because its linage is in *P history and WFW is a descendant of BAD and NGEN.


Joshua C. Ray said...

It's really interesting to sit back and read this after only being around e-fedding for a few months.

You can learn a lot coming to Tom's blog and viewing the comments.


The Great Eye said...

Doc's been 'shootie' since forever, and it was brought to my attention that this was different then normal when I offended folks in A1E by having Doc call opponent's promo's 'dishwater dull' and so forth...

I did the opening promo with Doc in a shoot way because Doc has so much history with the CSWA, which Eli, Melton, and Windham were all big names in...I meant nothing by it, I meant nothing by just about all of my promos in any OOC way. I just figured it was Doc being Doc.