Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm so behind

Being a working man totally cuts into e-fedding time. Just in case you guys were wondering, I've been in Virginia for work for most of the last week, and I haven't really gotten time to keep up with the blogging.

This is going to be a shortish entry, but hopefully, I can get back into the swing of things in the coming weeks as I learn to juggle job and e-fedding.

Today though, we have a brand new entry into hte blogring. Please welcome Russel David's Mark to the e-fed blog family. Run by Russel Harder as a sort of news magazine, it should be interesting. It's also the first real foray into the entire EWN and PTC worlds in the blogosphere, so take a gander here if you follow feds like PRIME or ACW.

Also be sure to check out his Second Annual Mark Awards.


Russel David said...

Hey, thanks for the nod Tom. Yeah, I have to say what you've been able to do with this blog, was really what gave me the idea that a blog was an option for the Mark. And so far, so good. :)

Oh, and yeah, with all you FW'ers and your blogs... eW and PTC needed atleast SOME attention on the blogsphere.

Hyde said...

I keep reading "I've been in vagina..."