Monday, March 06, 2006

A few additions to the blogring and some fresh new projects

First up, some pimpage. Later on tonight, check out the TEAM boards at for the promo threads for the final card. Karl Brown vs. Victor Molotov. Should be a barnburner.

Anyway, you might have noticed that there are a few additions to the blogring. One is The Daddy of All Blogs, which is the aforementioned blog of Phil Banet, moved from ENN after the bandwidth issues. Also, keep Phil in your prayers and thoughts since he recently lost his grandmother.

Next up, there's Turk's Dirtsheet, an in-character, out-of-kayfabe look at behind the scenes life in LoC. Much like Stanton's blog, this one is like a dirtsheet, but unlike Stanton's, it's written from the POV of Turk, an actual worker in LoC. By the way, I have to give big ups to Kyle, Turk's handler, who is really doing his best to make the e-fed world smaller. He's doing a short sting of matches in NEW, and he lent his services to Eighth State Wrestling, a small state-based indie fed that had a lot of promise, but folded after one show. He's doing a lot, and he should be commended.

I also added links to Delaware Championship Wrestling and FMLL, two feds on ENN on the site. DCW is a fed that's run by Scott Williams, of UEW fame. Now, I know UEW is a bad acronym for some of us, and a lot of the horror stories I heard were definitely cringeworthy, but I think his promise of no late cards and matches written using this program he has looks very interesting. I think it's worth a second look at least to follow the fed, even if you're leery of handling.

FMLL was a project that was in the works for awhile, originally by Angel, handler of El Arco Iris, and Ryan Aston. Angel's off to beocme a professional wrestler, so now it's a sole brainchild of Ryan. I actually signed on to be a part of it in 2004, and I would be a part of it again if I wasn't so bogged down by real life and other feds that I've committments for. But once again, it's definitely something you should check out, especially if you're a fan of lucha libre.

Finally, I have also laid eyes on a sneak preview of another project in the works. It's hush-hush, but trust me, it's something good.

I think e-fedding is starting to show signs of being on an upswing.


¿Le Phenom? said...

I'd just like to thank Tom for giving us a plug here. I'd do the same for TEAM on the FMLL site, but only 4 people would see it. ;-)

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Another one to add Holzy.