Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Women in E-fedding, Part Two

Back when this blog was newish, I wrote an entry defending women characters in e-fedding. Much of my reasoning behind it is the same reasoning I used in a recent AWC discussion over whether they should introduce a Women's Title or not. AWC has a fairly large contingient of female characters. Logistically, it makes sense to have their own division, but for reasons I've stated before (no handicap between male and female in writing is the biggest one), they shouldn't have one.

Instead of rehashing that argument, I figured I'd ask a hypothetical of my own.

Would I ever handle a woman character?

And that answer would be no 99 times out of 100.

To me, women characters are limited. There are only so many unique gimmicks you can do with them, and most of the unique gimmicks revolve around something to do with sex. Otherwise, you're either playing her the same way Lindz plays Troy, or you play her with a gimmick you could just as easily suit to a man. Kinda like Sasha Volkyeva (although that could be a bad example, seeing that she's an AWC NPC and not a regularly handled character).

And honestly, I don't think I'd feel right playing a female character. I mean, it's a lot easier to vicariously play characters of the same gender, but I think I'd have a lot of trouble playing a female character. I just don't know why. Which is why I think more props need to go out to Pierce Lavelle's handler, who is female, for playing the obviously male AWC Transatlantic Champion to a tee. It's very difficult to cross the gender barrier, especially given how little we know about the respective opposite sex sometimes.


Sam from AWC (FFGod) said...

First off, I'd just like to say I enjoy your blog. Keep it running, and continue to post.

Second...yeah, you hit it on the button. Sure, there are equal oppurtunities, blah blah blah, but it always turns out sexual with women, something a male character can avoid. And I've tried handling women before, but it is very one-dimensional.

And...yeah, Teh Pierce ()\/\/|\|$ :P

Hyde said...

I'm liking this page more and more - keep it up, Tom! Great work and good points, as ever.