Sunday, January 01, 2006

UCW: Plus/Minus

Ultimate Championship Wrestling is at the doorstep of its second pay-per-view event. For a new fed, they have a lot of things going for them. They have a good, solid corps of handlers, great matchwriting (I actually underrated them a bit on the Matchwriting Report Card I put out a couple of weeks ago), and the main event scene is pretty jumping.

However, they seem to have a problem with guys in the midcard showing for matches. And that's a big problem.

They had thirteen guys booked for their latest edition of their flagship show, Revolution. Six of them no-showed. The turnout for the previous show was better, only two no-shows out of ten booked talents. And yeah, this previous show was over the holiday season.

However, six, nearly half of the booked talents, is a distressing number.

Shane and Dan deserve better. They put out a solid show every week, and illogical heatless face/face Bruce/First title match aside, they book well.

I really hope this is the exception and not the rule. UCW is a great fed, a fed where I hope to be returning in the near future. They have a solid group of handlers and characters with interesting stories. I mean, I read the last two shows, and the angle building is pretty solid. I'm really digging this Cruise/Ryan feud, Damon Blackburn's entry angle, and I'm intrigued by the way that they're bringing in Adam Benjamin. Whether it's elite handlers like Brunk and Dan West, or scrappers who bust their asses no matter you put in front of them like Jeff Kane and Shane G., you have a bunch of quality handlers here who can carry a fed when they all show up.

But that's the thing. They all have to show. It would be a shame if UCW was plagued by inactivity, because it's one of the more promising feds on the 'Net.

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Mike Stanton said...

Yes, UCW rules. We need more Rp'ers there, unless First and Irishred are merely to fight each other forever and a day.