Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Cyber E-Wrestling Circle: Expanding Horizons

I was thinking about doing a New Year's Resolution entry, and one of those resolutions would have been to follow more feds that I wasn't involved in handling, just to get a better scope of the e-fedding world outside of what I'm involved in.

Some of you may scoff at me because I'm already involved in like 9 feds, but really, I spend a lot of time just farting around on the Internet, and I woudln't be handling in other feds, just reading their shows.

But then I got this idea to make the e-fed world smaller, and thus make what I posted the other day, those awards, a little more prestigious.

I want to make this blog to be the definitive place for commentary about all things A1/ So I will start to cover more feds that I'm not in and comment on them, collecting reviews and commentary from 15-20 different feds. It won't be an interfed like PTC. The blog will just become a hub for discussion about everything e-fed related.

I call it the Cyber E-Wrestling Circle, and it would include A1E, MBE, UCW, LVW, CSWA, EPW, NEW, NFW, WFW, fWo, ACW, nbW, LoC, PRIME, AWC, GCW and PTC Interfed events. I'm still mulling over if I want to cover all the other PTC feds or not, because while I have time, I'm not sure how much time I have.

What I will do is, in addition to commentary, I may do monthly rankings, as well as aconsider all feds for mid-term and year end awards.

Hopefully, I don't get too swamped and I can keep up with this ambitious idea.


Anonymous said...

If you were going to cover PTC feds, Headstrong Wrestling (HSW) is a great league to cover.

I have Edmunds in there (this is my 2nd go around w/ Edmunds there) and its honestly a great league.

Just my two cents. :)


Hyde said...

It might be difficult doing rankings and such when comparing across the roleplay/angle divide.