Thursday, January 05, 2006

E-Fed Links of the Week... THE RETURN~!

ACW Courage 86... peep that shizzle, my nizzles

For the first time, I really could dig the matchwriting in that narrative style. The match of the night is easily Lowell Dot Com vs. Jimmy Cain vs. Coral Avalon vs. Jason Deline. The finish is absolutely pure genius.

Plus, there's my first actual in-ring promo for GOP in ACW. All in all, a good week for me and my Battlin' Booster when considered I won the NEW World Heavyweight Championship on the latest edition of Raucous. I'll reflect on that here, maybe tomorrow.

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Scott Franklin said...

Didnt care for it. The cursing was over the top for a wrestling show. Plus, I couldn't get into the narrative. Other than that...Congrats on the title win!