Monday, January 30, 2006

January's Wrestler of the Month

Well, I figure that since one of my goals with the blog is to make the e-fed world smaller, I might as well try to do some kind of awards to try and recognize who's been doing what in this circle I've created. And so I guess a month is as good a time-frame as any to do it, so here it is, the first Wrestler of the Month for 2006. And January's award goes to...

Adam Dick, aka the Illustrious Face Eater (AWC)

Dick gets the award this month because he ended arguably the most impressive reign in e-fedding over the last year: Pierce Lavelle's Transatlantic Championship run. He added the most prestigious title in AWC to his Alliance Title that he co-holds with "His Swerviness" Mike Wade. They've started the New Year off right for AWC, and Dick especially deserves some praise for the work he's done.

Honorable Mentions
IrishRed (UCW, A1E) - UCW Championship win, runner-up in Pier Six
Beast (A1E, EPW) - A1E Championship win
Seymour Almasy (ACW) - Big ACW Championship win at Legends


Sam from AWC said...

Adam really did earn it. I mean, I'm basing this off of following the AWC solely, but I believe he did. He took down Teh Lavelle, damn it! :P

hyde said...

Go the DICK!

joe said...

word, holzy.

you get e-props.