Thursday, September 15, 2005

Enthusiasm and trying hard

I was in a conversation the other night about someone in the hobby who doesn't have a ton of talent. They were cracking on the kid, which is pretty normal. I've done it myself with my e-fed friends about other handlers, but then again, many of those I've cracked on have this in common with the subject of the other night.

They all tried hard and they all had enthusiasm for the hobby.

I mean, is everyone going to be a top-of-the-line promo their first time out? Not really. For some, it takes time. Some are naturals, some are gifted, but we can't always rely on those guys to carry the feds, because they're not a dime a dozen.

What we should do is try to give those who want to learn a hand. Given teh state of e-fedding right now, not everyone is as enthusiastic as some of these rooks and low-carders. If they can be helped and keep their enthusiasm, the hobby will grow.

But it shouldn't be seen as a charity case. Then you get into dangerous territory.



Anonymous said...

A lot of the great RPers now on FWC started out slowly, and it is for that reason I never crack on any youngster, if I had saved all the comments vets of the day made about current guys, they would look very foolish. The key is to be patient with them and give them hope along the way so they become the great RPers of tomorrow. So many fed heads don't understand or are unwilling to take chances on young guys, but it is a major reason why things have become the way they are and we rarely see new people come to stay.

I think FW desperately needs new energy so it will be alive and active five years from now and they need to do that by not recycling the same feuds from years ago in an attempt to relive the past at the expense of the future.

Paul Miller - NGEN/BAD/WFW - 15 years giving a chance to the New Generation and counting...

Anonymous said...

Thing is - the specific question asked was from this kid's cousin, who asked if he should feel obligated to continue to be his partner in character. It was clear this cousing felt the kid was holding him back somewhat, and was fishing for someone to give him permission to ease his conscience.

That said, of course everyone should be able to grow and learn and make mistakes. But if the question is whether or not they are good at this point, I see no harm in being honestly critical so long as it isn't simply for the sake of insult.

Of course, some people just like to be dicks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I must say I'm glad I didn't get people insulting me when I started out. This is a hobby, a fun one, and should always remain so. Everyone starts off as a "newbie" some time, and it takes a little bit of getting used to how things work. All the fed-heads I've worked under were great to me, for which I'm thankful because it gave me a chance to get really into the game without worrying about how people were critiquing my writing.

-Karl (23 months and counting)