Thursday, July 14, 2005

The first show

Anyway, what good is a fantasy roster if you don't book it? None, I says. None. So now, I'll begin with the first installment on free TV, because you want to build to your first PPV. We don't want to blow our load with the World Title on free TV either, so the first show will be a 12 man tournament for the North American Title (The NA title was always my favorite MBE title... it just sounds so cool.). One night tournament, four first-round three-way matches and then one-on-one affairs til the end.

Of course, the fed needs a name, so let's go with the Ultimate Dream Wrestling Alliance, or UDWA, and the show needs a title, so let's call it Sunday Prime Time

Match 1: Lindsay Troy vs. Karl Brown vs. Reign

THis may be the most lukewarm first round match, due to Troy's status as being a tweener and Reign's relative newness, but by the end of the match, it should establish Lindz as being a top heel and having some heat with Brown. The first elimination would be Reign by disqualification after he takes a bite out of Karl Brown's forehead and won't let go. He goes on a rampage until the psychiatric ward team comes down, tazes him and takes him away in a straitjacket. The match continues with a great show of wrestling skill with Karl Brown getting the upperhand late until an obligatory ref bump. Brown goes for the Dragon's Bite, but Troy counters with a desperation kick to the jimmies. She goes to the outside and then grabs a chair, whacking Brown with it, reviving the ref and making the cover for the win.

Match 2: Andrew Gilkison vs. Nemesys vs. Pharaoh

Andy G and Nemesys are no strangers to each other, seeing as they had classic wars in A1E back in the day. The first elimination would be Pharaoh after going for the Pharaoh's Curse piledriver on Andy. Before he can hit the move, Nemesys comes in and levels him with a clothesline, puts him in place on the bottom turnbuckle and hits a uick Curb Stomp for the win. THe match continues with ANdy getting a clean pin after a heated contest with the AndyBomb.

Break: Tag Title Announcement

Next woudl be the announcement of how the Tag Team Championships would be decided. Instead of a traditional tournament, the matchups would be decided through a lottery gauntlet: eight teams, seven matches with their placement decided by the luck of the draw. The announced teams: The Unemployed College Students, The Professionals, Mikey F'n W and Liquid Snake, Big Dog and Gladiator, Chip Friendly and Jeffery Bellview, Euclid and Druid, The Cameron Cruise Project and the Psycho Ward.

Match 3: Slambo the Clown vs. Beau Michaels vs. Atkins

First elimination here would be Atkins by Beau Michaels, where Michaels gets the pin with the Love Lost but won't stop pinning him. Atkins scrambles out of the ring and Michaels chases after him. As Slambo distracts the ref and Michaels is leaning out of the ring through the ropes, Professor Tremendous leaps through the crowd and hits Michaels with a bronzed scroll. Slambo takes immediate advantage with the Joy Buzzer, and the deranged clown moves on, revealing his alliance with the Good Professor in the process.

Match 4: Boogie Smallz vs. Yori Yakamo, Jr. vs. W. Clark

Yori's the first elimination here, after he swings and misses on a shot with his Black Thunder Yori Yakamo Special 9.5" Dildo (see Katz, EYE'm not afraid to book with sex toys) and Clark catches him with a DANGEROUS back drop for the pin. The match continues, as the rookie gives Boogie Smallz the run of his life. Boogie prevails though with a fight. Clark kicks out of the Power Bong, but succumbs after Face Tha Music.

Break: Backstage with Karl Brown

Brown is being attended to backstage, both for his chairshot and the gash on his forehead from Reign. Brown vows that he'll get him some payback for both attacks.

Match 5: Lindsay Troy vs. Andy Gilkison

A rough and tumble match with Andy on the offensive most of the time. The match finishes with Lindsay getting a cheap counter on an eye rake and then ascending to the top to hit the Crowning Glory.

Match 6: Slambo the Clown vs. Boogie Smallz

This match is a vicious brawl. Boogie pulls out the win despite ProfT interjecting himself. The Good Professor's antics backfire as he throws the powder in Slambo's eyes. Boogie takes advantage with Power Bongs on both men and an advancement to the finals.

Break: World Title Bracket announcements

The World Title Tournament for the first PPV is announced next. The first round matchups are The Spoiler vs. Professor Tremendous, Beast vs. Shane Southern, JAmes Irish vs. Troy Windham and Alias vs. Hida Yakamo. The winners of the Spoiler/Prof and Beast/Southern matches meet in the semis.

Main Event: Lindsay Troy vs. Boogie Smallz for the UDWA North American Championship

This match is an instant classic. Before the festivities take place, Joey Melton and Cameron Cruise come down to ringside and do special guest commentary. Lindsay holds her own, even though she's giving away a lot of height and weight to Boogie. She keeps Boogie off-balance with leverage and high flying moves, while Boogie pounds at her when he can with his size advantage. The match ends when Boogie has Lindz in tow for the Power Bong. Melton distracts the ref and Cruise hops in the ring and delivers Boogie a quick Reality Check. Troy gets up, hits the Final Judgement and wins the North American Championship. The show ends with Troy and the CCP in the ring posing for the jeering fans.

so that's the first show. All feedback is appreciated =]

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No fire from the Pros at the end of the announcement makes me sad. :(