Monday, June 15, 2009

Following Up The Last Post

Remember the last post I did? The one right below this one? Yeah, I'd like to apologize for the tone I used. I realize that I was no better than Shane with the confrontational tone. I don't apologize for the content or for the sentiment. I just wish I could have said it a little more eloquently.


Billy said...

I respect you a lot more for realizing that. Good job Holz.

WBFIII said...

Hey man, it's your blog, use whatever tone you want! LOL. I thought it was a pretty good post; I think we all know where you're coming from.

TH said...

I still think he went about it the wrong way and should get raked over the coals for it. However, I'm just saying that I regret telling him to go fuck himself :)

Dave said...

Yeah, Tom.

Leave the blunt assholery to me. ;-)

Dave said...


I'm assuming you'd be "Billiam" on the PTC boards? I would have replied there but I'm waiting for the newly registered account to be approved.

I might as well just say this publically though, since every thing I've said recently has been tongue in cheek, etc.

On a very serious note though...

You don't really know me, so I don't expect you to have any sort of frame of reference re: my opinions.

However, just know that way before losing my temper I heard all of this stuff across 60 responses of discussion on Billy Ferarro's blog. By time it got back here, I'd had it.

From the get to, Shane's opinion to me is absolutely ridiculous. It's not ridiculous that he should be upset. But it IS ridiculous what he said. I saw it excused in the PTC thread as "Shane can be an asshole sometimes". Well, that's fine. But if you're an asshole, expect the backlash. And me? I do have a temper. Enough nonsense, or enough of an asshole taking personal potshots at the integrity of a person I know to have impeccable character and absolutely no reason to have any axe to gring, and I will lose my temper and jump to his defense.

People lose matches they think they should win. This is especially true in interfed situations. This is why, when Lindsay recruits me for Dual Halo or GTT6 I just don't do it. The bottom line is, it isn't my style - and while I respect the HELL out of the writers in the PTC/PRIME community, especially based on the ones who have crossed over to FW - it's just not me. It's a culture clash. So I save us all the trouble.

Truth is, he asked for opinions from Shinder and got them. He discussed them privately and one would think that would be enough. Apparently not though, because with the prompting of Billy's blog he opened up the floodgates and went off. Not only did he go off, he implied Shinder rigged the match against him, didn't read the roleplay, and called out that he suspected this would be the last TEAM tourney due to the perceived "bullshit".

All of this was done anonymously, btw - and Shane didn't even name himself until the backlash against anonymous complaining got so thick that he pretty much had to.

I don't care who you are. If you've played this game for very long, and I've done it since I was 15 years old (I'm 34 now), you've lost matches you think you should've won. You've gotten ANGRY over matches you think you should've won.

In fact, I agree on a couple of the complaints. I believed that Aston should have won. I believed Problem Child should've won. Not should about Bagwell/Williams. But I do know it wasn't purposely rigged. The judges who finally decided to judge it chose against him. The complaints to it are just sour grapes to me.

I have no greater pet peeve in this hobby than someone who can't deal with a loss and just move on. To break it out into public domain crosses the line with me.

So maybe I lost my temper. It wouldn't be the first time. But after 62 comments on the other blog and a pointless back and forth between Tom and Shane here, I just wanted him to flat out go away - and I lost it a bit.

So if this is where we apologize for our tone? I'll do that. But I won't apologize to Shane for my opinion any more than he would for his, because as far as I'm concerned it doesn't even matter if his complaint was valid or not - the way he went about it was DEAD WRONG.

Starting things up was just a way for him to stir some shit up, and that's exactly what happened.

Complaints should be handled privately, bottom line.

And to clarify one more time - there WAS a PM exchange between Shinder and Shane talking about the results before ANY of this happened. So past that point, it's just stirring the shit.

Anyway, that's that.

Lindz said...

I'll get you on a PRIME card in some way, shape or form yet, Brunk. :P

Anonymous said...

I still remember when this was all just a fun lil' game...


Anonymous said...

I remember when the biggest interfed event of 2006 involved Ape Hitler.

GBJ said...

I don't remember too much, nowadays, but it wasn't never really just a fun lil' game. There's been drama long as there's been drama, nahmean?

Just goes to show that everyone can come off like an asshole, but ain't nobody always an asshole.

Billy said...

Hey Dave, I am Billiam on the forums. Don't apologize for the way you feel at all. That's not what I'm trying to get from you. All I'm saying is that if people have a problem with the tone Shane took, I don't think you should go back at him the same way. When you're a judge, staff member, or regular participant of an organization. And you are known for being a member of that organization, your actions represent them in everything that you do.

Being in GCW with Shane, and being on staff with Shane... I've already privately had this talk with him that although I still haven't completely seen what he's done I know it's bad and he has to knock that shit off. I've told him to drop that tone and don't use it anymore because everything HE does is a reflection of our community. I don't want TEAM's community thinking that's how we do business in GCW. It's not, we don't put up with it.

I was just saying on a similar note, your behavior wasn't quite acceptable either. I got a bad taste in my mouth from TEAM's organization from reading your responses to Shane's comments (which I thought his comments on Holz's blog were pretty professional, probably in stark difference from the ones you saw him make)which were very dickish, elitist, and condescending.

I was simply giving you guys the same go-over that I gave to him in private. Which is the whole "Knock that shit off, you're making your organization look terrible." comment.

Ross said...


FWIW, your account has now been approved.


Dave said...


Fair enough.

Like I said - my temper. I blame my Irish side.

Still, I should add that I don't have anything to do with TEAM on an organizational level at all. I judged one match in a pinch, and it was the Impulse/Ravager match (I think). I just have Dan Ryan in the tourney. I run EPW on the FW forums, so if I reflect badly on anything... it's EPW...

Wait a second.....

Also, thanks Ross for the account approval.

I realize this just gives Lindsay more leverage.

Lindz said...

I realize this just gives Lindsay more leverage.


Now answer your work emails, or I will send foreign object-infused lollipops to the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Well done, sir. Always tough to suck it up and admit when, regardless of who may have done what, there's no need to lash out at others.