Friday, April 10, 2009

Your Blogger Answers, Pt. 3

This batch from people who don't know how to follow directions and posted it in the thread at FW instead of in reply here :p

First up is Scott Franklin, the hard-luck but solid mainstay of such feds as EPW and LVW:

1- What do you think/feel a tag team should do to get noticed in FW today?

Well, the first thing they/he/she have to do is be good. RP well, write good segments, get into decent stories. Second thing is cohesion. Anyone can just get into a tag match and RP separately, but it takes a certain amount of teamwork to really get yourself noticed. Take for example the Cameron Cruise Project. It wasn't successful because both members did well in RP; they were both committed to the concept of team and worked together in nearly every aspect of the game. That's why they could very well be the best e-fed tag team of all-time, and if not at the top, in the top five at least.

2- Which would be better... a new gimmicked team or two veterans getting together for a run at something new?

Both can do well, but quicker success is usually attained with two veterans getting together, just because both of the characters are already established. While a newish team would have to both establish chemistry and character, the veteran team would only have to get the chemistry going if the characters are already mainstays.

3- Any ideas for guys out there looking for a good team gimmick to use?

There are almost as many team concepts to use as there molecules of nitrogen in the atmosphere. That is to say the possibilities are almost infinite. To tell you the truth, I'd love to see a sort of Communist revival stable featuring a lead man and a backing tag team. Those are the kinds of gimmicks that I think work so well in wrestling, obvious send-ups of foreign boogeymen. While the Arab villain might still be somewhat sensitive, the Russian (and Chinese or Cuban) heel still has enough material to draw from to work, and people still do try it. Hell, even in the WWE, Vladimir Kozlov was over as a Russian monster heel.

4- What teams of two veterans would you like to see team up?

Spoiler, Dan Ryan and Kodiak Vic Creed in a triad

No, seriously, right now I'd probably go for Ravager and Fusenshoff. They'd have a good in-ring chemistry of contrasting styles, while out of the ring, a stern, no-nonsense Ravager would provide a good foil for the reckless, alcoholic Fuse.

5- Frankie Scott was wondering, once he can settle his life down and is able to make a major push toward a title run in the tag ranks... Who would be an ideal partner for him to make a title run?

If we can put out an APB on Shane Carnes, find him and drag him back to e-fedding, a Steven Shane/Frankie Scott tag team called "Phenomenally Sensational" would be pretty cool.

Next up, it's James Varga:

1. Who do you think will be the next big star or stars in NFW?

Well, if Randall Knox isn't considered a big star yet, I'll go with him. If he is, then Brand New Day has a good chance to shake up the tag division and put Jamar and Gregg on notice. Also, this new guy signing up called Unicorn Mask sounds like he could be interesting. I've got my eye on him.

2. What do you think of the sudden influx of tag teams in NFW?

I think it's great, because tag team wrestling can be a very, very fun part of the game, especially for those looking to respark their interest after they've "achieved it all" in the singles ranks. For NFW to be the tag team hub of FWC is a good thing, and if EPW gets its tag division kick started, maybe an interpromotional tag team tournament involving those two, A1E, the PTC feds and whomever else wants in could be in order?

3. Who are the hottest stars now on FW?

Joe the Plumber comes to mind first, seeing as he's at the top of the heap in NFW and doesn't look to be going anywhere. Sean Stevens as well, since he's the EPW Champion and just won the #1 contendership to the CSWA UNIFIED Championship. Jared Wells seems to be the featured star in Anthology, and finally, I like Randall Knox after capturing the TV title and taking off the Impulse mask in NFW.

4. Any match predictions for round one of the TiT?

Can't really say until I see who shows up and who doesn't. However, I'll give you predictions as to the matches I think will steal the show should both guys RP:

Big Wreck vs. Mittens T. Cat - This one should be comedic gold given both the characters involved. I'm interested to see how Wreck reacts to Mittens the most.

Duke Williams vs. Chris Bagwell - Two of the best shit-talkers from PTC squaring off.

Impulse vs. DC Stark - It'll be interesting to see this matchup, the reserved RK against the bombastic Stark. Should be a good contrast in styles.

Shawn Hart vs. Horace Tully - Again, I'm interested to see how Tully handles the FW arena, and his first test isn't an easy one. Hart has gotten a 1 seed in this tournament before, and he could go a long way before he's knocked out.

Again, thanks for the questions so far, but please, KEEP 'EM COMING!


Kevin Healey said...

You've really hit the ground running with the Holzerblog return. It took a minute, but I think I've caught up. A lot of good reading.

Josh Ray said...

Will Sergeant ever find the time to step back into the ring, and if so, who the hell would care? :)

What about that Drunken Tiger fellow?

Anonymous said...

Here's some, Tommy:

1) What's left for Tom Holzerman to accomplish in eWrestling?

2) If you were running A1E or EPW, who would be your Champions (or given the voting nature of A1E, who would you want to push towards being your Champions)?

3) What would your A1E and EPW dream matches/feuds be given the current rosters?

a) not involving your characters
b) involving your characters

4) Who's got the best theme music in relation to their character?

5) Predict the new move in the HPSC/AOC feud.

Anonymous said...

Damn... 5) should read Predict the *next move...