Thursday, April 09, 2009

Your Blogger Answers, Pt. 2

The second batch of questions is here! First, we get some more queries from "The Rage":

1. E-wrestling will probably never die, and if it does it would go out with a whimper, like a slow death. Do you agree or disagree?

Never die is a strong statement to make, but I think as long as wrestling is around and it's still moderately popular, e-fedding will be around in some form. I've actually seen more of an uptick in it lately than normal in the communities I follow. It's mostly old guys coming back after a hiatus, but that's better than people leaving and not coming back.

That being said, there's a wealth of feds out there that we all probably don't know about that are thriving, very much akin to our "old days". If PTC, FW and eWZine can manage to tap into those communities without seeming like we're elitist, then we can definitely see a boom again.

2. This isn't 2000 anymore or the era of angelfire and geocities, what would you say to the new fed head who wants to make a new fed?

Again, the angelfire/geocities crowd still exists most likely. Regardless of that, I'd say the following to that prospective fedhead:

- Don't be discouraged if people don't join your fed right away.
- Base your selling points around the quality of writing rather than Poser, website design or other cosmetic stuff.
- Be fair in your judging and don't just reward your friends for signing up

Simple enough.

3. How did you start in efedding?

I'm not C&Ping the anecdote, becuase like Healy said, it's TMI.

Anyway, I post at a site called A1Wrestling. The site had this mock Presidential election, and two posters named token_canadian and The Canadian Hitman were running on a ticket. TCH and I used to IM back and forth, and he tried to get me to vote for their ticket. I used to bust his balls about it because there was no way I was voting for a hoser ticket. After the election was over, we kept in touch, and he persuaded me to join this small, fledgling e-fed on the site called A1E.

The rest is history.

4. Will RPG ever make a comeback? Or do you think that GTT has effectively replaced RPG?

I wasn't around for RPG, so I couldn't say. That's a question better aimed at Ross or Pete.

Alright, next up is Kevin Healy, who only had one, very simple to answer question:

Will we ever see the Holzerblog Wrestler of the Month again?

Kev, you must not read very good :p

In the words of the immortal Perry Saturn, you're welcome ;)

Next up, it's FOOOOOOOOOORD~!, who asked the following questions:

1.) Any chance of trying to handle in FWO land once more? I remember you got right in as the place faultered.

He's right, at the very end, I tried to go in with the Thrillbillies, but that ended when I lost interest and the fed didn't really take off after that supposed reboot.

Aaaanyway, right now, I'd say my plate isn't full, but I think if I added an angle fed to the mix, it would overflow. It's a lot of work to be in one, and right now, I have full-time committments to A1E, EPW, LVW and NFW and part-time committments to TEAM and the CSWA. Granted, among that group, only A1E runs a schedule resembling regular, but the thing about the FW feds is that the cards all tend to be in RP at the same time.

However, never say never. As long as the fWo is around, there's always a chance that I'd show up there.

2.) How did you feel having to give up TEAM? Do you look at TEAM now and wish you were running it still? Not because of who replaced you, just because of your emotions.

Frankly, I felt good giving it up. I mean, yeah, it was my baby and everything, and no one should be happy to give a baby up for adoption, but at the end of the day, I felt like I couldn't give TEAM the proper attention it deserved on the administrative side. I didn't want to do it half-assed, but I wanted it to continue on, because I feel it's a great thing for the FW community to have.

Of course, I wish I still had time and inspiration to run it, but you'd have to add about 8 hours to the day and make matchwriting a much more enjoyable process for that to happen, but for right now, I like where it is. I also think it'll be good for me to be on the other side of the fence here for once.

3.) If you had to retire one of your characters, who would it be and why?

Benoitholic Anonymous, if only because I'd have trouble finding a new name for him. I think we were all hit hard as wrestling fans when that news broke about two years ago. I may be the only person in eW that it's affected directly like this. However, I've had an idea for a reboot of the whole Anonymous family anyway that I've been kicking around for awhile. It's just a matter of whether I really wanted to do it with JA being active in two feds and being a part of the CSWA in a limited role.

4.) If you could choose a character from another handler and force him to retirement, who would you choose?

Nova, so the rest of us could win some damn titles :)

Seriously though, it'd be very hard for me to tell someone they had to retire a character because even the ones that have been around forever are still being handled in a way where they're kept fresh. Take for example Hornet. You'd think he'd be stale as all hell right now, but Chad still finds a way to keep him interesting and to keep the story around him interesting.

Of course it helps when you're on the "one-card-every-18-months" cycle :p

5.) If you could build a federation around one handler, who would it be?

Jon Katz. No seriously.

Katz has given all of his eW time to making NFW into the juggernaut of insanity that it is today, and God bless him for it (maybe I'm thanking the wrong supernatural being... hail Satan for it?). What he and JAAAMMMARRRRRR~! *shakes fist* have done with the place is nothing short of amazing.

However, he's proven that he still has the RP touch when he went through last year's TiT with Mike Randalls. Right now, I'd start the fed, hand the ball to Katz, giving him the choice of either Randalls or Craig Miles and tell him to run with it. I don't think anyone would disagree with that, except Katz himself. Just because he's onery like that.

6.)What do you think of Ben/Tom Mason's radio shows through

I haven't really given them a proper listen, but I think the idea is fantastic. Just like I had this cockamamie idea to blog about this game of ours years ago, these guys are taking the concept of podcasting/streaming radio about it, something I think is long overdue. And the fact that they get guys like Travis, Chad and others to appear on the show lends so much credence to it. Even if I don't get a chance to listen to it, kudos to them and I hope they keep on trucking.

Finally, we get to the "epic gentleman", whom I can assume is Ben Zezu judging from his questions:

1) What do you make of the activity, or lack thereof at PTC?

Meh, the activity's there. It's just concentrated either in the writing games they have or in the off-topic forums. I think that the eW forum is dead for the same reason why I've been resorting to gimmicks to get great content on the blog here. Everything that could have been said about eW has been said to some degree, sometimes several times.

I mean, how many times are you going to post a debate on whether vampires belong in e-fedding? Or how many times are you going to post about how awesome you think RPer So-and-So is? Of course, these conversations do become fresh after years of not being brought up, but I think people are to the point where they don't want to discuss the game, they want to play it. I think that bodes well for the feds that exist now as well as any start-ups that come into play.

2) Who is your favourite fWo character of this current comeback, old and new?

I have to say that I've been a bit lacking on the fWo coverage, but I do want to get into it. I've always enjoyed the fWo and the different breath it brought to the communities it touched. That being said, looking at the roster, the short list of characters I'm looking forward to following are Flyer, Impulse, Lowell, KSZ and K-Wolf.

3) Have you managed to follow ACW since it's return, if so, what are your thoughts? If you haven't, why not?

Barely, but it's not from lack of interest. You know that I spent some time there soaking up the angle fed experience, and I loved it. It's mainly lack of time and lack of convenience. I'm still trying to get my web surfing habits away from Facebook and message boards and more towards reading fed material so I can get a more balanced view of eW. ACW is definitely at the top of the list though.

4) In an average eW day, what sites do you visit?

FW, PTC and the A1E site. Some days I'll mosey over to Stanton's blog and see what he's got cooking over there. Again, I'm trying to beef that up a little bit so that I can give the angle feds and GCW a bit more play.

Again, thanks for asking, and please, KEEP ASKING! I love answering questions, even the ones that detail trying to nail cyber poon! :p

Also, bonus points go to Josh "GBJ" Kalvaledge for getting the Project Discovery Channel reference!


Ben Halkum said...

Thanks for the great comments. Even though Tom Mason has stepped down from doing his radio show, I will be taking over that time slot.

Every episode we get gradually better, just as every blog here is gradually more entertaining. Our main goal is to give to e-wrestling. That includes me, and you. our blog is a service to the e-wrestling community.

Thank you for it.

If you ever need background noise, you can stream past episodes of my show and his from the next two links.

Thanks again Tom, and keep up the good work. Would love to have you on the show one day, or as an interview on the main site!

- Ben

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that kind of faith, Tom...

...but you definitely just made Merritt throw up in his mouth a little...and then probably faint.


Anonymous said...

Why was I supposed to throw up in my mouth and faint?

-The aforementioned Merritt

Anonymous said...

Chad's apparently repressed all his memories of Katz running w/ the ball in the CSWA.

Something always needs to explode...