Friday, November 30, 2007

November's Wrestler of the Month

Just so you guys know, you'll probably get posting from me in spurts from here on in. Lots of stuff going on in real life, so I'll post like a few entries over three or four days and probably go a week without posting. I know that sucks, but thems be the breaks.

Aanyway, time to honor our Wrestler of the Month for November, and this month, we honor Sonny Silver. Silver won his first World Championship since dropping the tSC Strap by defeating Lindsay Troy for the PRIME's Great American Nightmare. Congratulations abound for Seth, who made good on my prediction for him all the way back in January ;)

This month's runner-up is Clinton Sage, who has continued his dominance in FUSE and added the PTC Unified Championship to his resume this month. Sage has made a strong case for Wrestler of the Year. Congrats!

Honorable Mentions
Tony Gamble (PRIME), Danny Ferguson (PRIME, TEAM Events), Beast (A1E, EPW, TEAM Events), Dan Ryan (NAPW, A1E, TEAM Events), David Danny Morrison (PTC Events)

Previous Winners
January: Dan Ryan (A1E, NFW)
February: Clinton Sage (FUSE, PTC Events)
March: Nova (NFW, PRIME)
April: Dan Ryan (2) (A1E, NEW, TEAM Events)
May: Big Dog (A1E)
June: Lindsay Troy (PRIME, EPW, NFW, TEAM Events)
July: Nova (2) (PRIME, TEAM Events, NFW)
August: Lindsay Troy (2) (PRIME, EPW, TEAM Events)
September: The Illustrious Face-Eater (PTC Events, PRIME)
October: Dan Ryan (3) (CSWA, A1E)


Ben said...

Come on, Holzerman, how about a little GCW love? Honorable mention for Gamble when he lost to Valentine at GCW/PRIME? Gotta at least mention the GCW #1 Contender. ;-)

john said...

Gamble went on to beat Wade Elliott for the Intense Title that same night, defeated Global's HW champ Christian Darke in the 1st rd of JitC, and is on pace to repeat as JitC champ at King of Kings... Plus, I'm awesome.