Saturday, October 06, 2007

News and Notes!

Been a long time since I've done one of these!

- First up, NAPW will be celebrating its second birthday on Halloween with Anniversary Assault II. Hard to believe that this fed is only two years old; it seems like it's been around forever. That's the mark of a great fed though. Time is exaggerated in e-fedding. What takes a "real" wrestler half a career to accomplish will take an e-wrestler half a year. Anyway, the card looks pretty good so far. The main event is going to be a Halloween House of Horrors match. The combatants haven't been announced for that, but I'm sure you can count on Ravager, current Champion Bruce Richards and former Champion Donovan Astros to be a part of those proceedings. Billy Kryenik and Tommy Deathrow will settle their feud in a TaiPei Deathmatch. All in all, it should be a decent card at the very least, and maybe I'll get up off my duff and review it ;)

- Intersting note posted over at PTC's advertisement forum. Ben (Steven Caldera) is going to be starting up a new fed, Outlaw Pro Wrestling. Here's the announcement, and it looks like this fed is going to be run on a smaller scale on the local level. It's also going to have a more of an underground feel. Hopefully, Ben either has someone else running this, or he's not spreading himself too thin, because I like the idea of this fed. It reminds me of me when I started up UXW all those years ago. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more information about OPW.

- Speaking of notes posted places, it seems that A1E is on the in-character selling block. Jarret posted notes both at A1 and FW noting this, and I think it's probably going to tie in with the ongoing storyline between Nathan Houston and the board of directors. I have to say, even though I've been enjoying Houston's current departure from character in his feud with Spoiler, I'm looking forward to the sale and the eventual replacement of Houston that almost seems imminent. Houston's been the figurehead for A1E for a long time, and I feel like that when Roger stepped down as the OOC head booker, he should have been replaced. I'm guessing Jarret had that plan all along, but he had a storyline for that, so kudos to him for going through with it, even if it's been a bit drawn out.

- One more thing before I sign off this time. The Dupree Cup playoffs will be starting soon, and that means we'll be heading into SuperShow VII. Start thinking about challenge matches or whether you want to participate in the Lethal Lottery Championship or FREE FOR ALL~! Championship matches.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifing which ben posted in the PTC advertisements. I sometimes forget I'm not the only one in e-wrestling. Glad to have you posting again.

Bobby said...

Ben (Caldera) won't be running it but rather hosting it on his site. He's trying to branch out the CEI (Caldera Enterprises, Inc) brand by adding another league to it. The owner of OPW is a great guy though, and I know Outlaw Pro Wrestling will be something a lot of people will enjoy. It should be something different from all the GCWs, PRIMEs, AWCs, and such.

Ben said...

Just wanted to second what Bobby said. I will not be the fedhead of Outlaw Pro. I have some small interest in it and I am designing the website, but the actual operation of the fed will not include me at all. It does, however, have the Caldera Enterprises brand on it and, therefore, I'm confident it will be a quality fed.